Monday, April 11, 2011

Frustrated With Dr. Phil!

Way back in September, Dr. Phil sold us a bill of goods. He introduced us to six women with deep seeded issues and called them the Dr. Phil Housewives (even though only 2 could be considered housewives). Then he dubbed their airing on Tuesdays as “Get Real Tuesdays.” Lots of promos, video clips and round table discussions. Lots of fighting, name calling, tears. Bring out the housewives: Gloria, Alana, Michelle, Rachael, Jennifer, Kimm!

We get a few weeks of round tables. Alana has her foot up everyone’s ass and is easily irritated. She was mistreated by bullies all her life and has turned into one. Gloria loves her sage and positive energy. Don’t send her negative energy or she will come back with a F@$% you! Michelle sits back and listens and then tries to get a word in, until Alana threatens her. Rachael is the youngest, no one cares what she has to say, but she actually makes sense. Jennifer is quiet, full of emotion and too numb to speak except when the focus is on her. Kimm had a few issues resolved that were of a physical nature, like her depression and weight gain. Christmas break…no housewives. January…no housewives, Dr Phil jumps on the Ted Williams bandwagon. They throw in a show or two. February Sweeps…NO HOUSEWIVES. March, they air another three shows…another unexplained break!

There was never an explanation given as to why the shows are not being aired in a timely manner. They hooked a bunch of fans, got us to invest our time in these shows and these women. They set up a Facebook page where we could get to know them personally…and then…they stop airing shows. Shows we know they have sitting there because they were pre-taped. We are just left hanging. We even asked one of the producers what was going on and she had no clue.

Thanks Dr Phil for NOTHING! I have given up any hope of your finishing the series. May is sweeps month too and if they weren’t good enough for February why would they be good enough for May??? Common courtesy, professionalism would dictate that we be informed. Not even the housewives have a clue what is going on.

Think twice before you get hooked on a Dr. Phil series because consideration of the fans is the last thing on the show’s and Dr. Phil’s mind!

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