Friday, April 8, 2011

Pia Toscano and American Idol

I am pissed. I waited 24 hours to calm down before writing, but I can’t seem to shake the shock. After watching this show for 10 years, this is the most disappointing moment I have experienced. Last night, one of the most talented singers to grace the stage of American Idol, Pia Toscano, was sent home. Eight Idols remain, none of them have more talent than she has, some may come close depending on the type of music you enjoy.

Pia has worked hard. She is not just talented, she has had voice training. She practiced. This was her dream for years. She sounds like a professional singer. It was a given that she would be there till the end. The judges were sure of it. They were so sure that they used their one season “save” to rescue Casey from going home a couple of weeks ago. I wonder what they were thinking last night when they could not save Pia? What were they thinking when she sang her last song, “Stand By Me” or when she was sobbing as she was being held by another contestant. The disappointment was overwhelming for her, for her family and friends, for the judges, for the audience, for her fans. It was unfair and there is nothing to be done about it.

Some say, including myself, that they will not watch the show any more. How can you trust in a system where they are looking for the best singer and then send the best singer home…and early in the competition too! It’s a travesty. There is no consoling all the people who have supported her in this journey. This was a life changing opportunity for her and she was cheated.

The only hope and consolation now would be if a record label offered her a contract to produce a cd. I know she was one of Ellen’s favorites. Ellen has her own record label. Maybe she will offer Pia an opportunity with her company. It would be nice if that were to happen. I would love to see Pia succeed and have her dream of a singing career come true. It did happen for Jennifer Hudson. She was also sent home too early and she made it bigger than life.

Pia comes from my city. She lives a few miles from me. I was looking forward to the week when all the Idols go home and their fans meet them and they sing. Finally, a contestant from New York City who could actually win it all. And she is sent home too early.

Good luck to you Pia! You are an amazing singer. I hope you get the break you deserve.

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