Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lindsay Lohan...Crime After Crime

Well, I get the impression that Lindsay is trying to turn over a new leaf with her little speech on Jay Leno. She intends to earn back people’s trust and respect.

I couldn’t believe she is only 24. Seems like she has gotten in enough trouble, over and over, to be at least 30 by now. How did she manage to get into so much trouble and have a career all at the same time? She has had quite a few scrapes with the law and faced a judge so many times I lost count. She has had DUI’s and accident and then pops into rehab like some people stay at a spa. She leaves rehab and heads out to the next party. She violates parole, goes to the Cannes Festival and says she couldn’t come back because someone stole her passport. She makes a mockery of the judicial system. But all that’s not enough.

In February of this year, she decides to steal a piece of jewelry. They have it on tape. She wears the very same necklace a week later. They say it’s felony grand theft. They say it violated her probation. What does Lindsay say? Does she accept responsibility? Or does she say the charges are bogus and that she only “borrowed” the necklace? Right, she borrowed it.

However, last night she was on Jay Leno. She said a few words accepting responsibility for her actions and got a standing ovation! Very nice. Except for her motivation. Why all of a sudden is she repentant and ready to change? Maybe it’s because she is up for a part in a John Gotti, Jr. movie? A chance to reignite her career big time. John Travolta has the lead role. Between Travolta and the storyline about the mob, it could be a real money maker. The fact the industry has lost respect and confidence in her may play a part too. At 24 she could easily be washed up as an actress. So she has every reason to try to redeem herself now. But, will she? If the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, she has a mountain to climb. I will have to really see it to believe it.

If you want to see a real acting job, check out the link below, where Lindsay plays the role of her life on the Jay Leno Show.

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