Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lindsay Lohan To Play Elizabeth Taylor?

Back in the news as Liz Taylor Project gets underway!

Lindsay is always full of surprises, amongst other things. She is trying to get her career back on track and has had two good courtroom appearances. After making a mockery of the justice system for years, Lindsay was praised for getting her act together and finally doing the community service she was assigned to do, who remembers how long ago, I don’t. I guess she decided to take some good advice or she is sick of delaying her own fate or afraid of going to back to jail. Whatever the case, she has made some progress and will now be making her fourth appearance on SNL. People will tune in out of some misplaced curiosity, to see how she does. I won’t be one of those people.

Lindsay also reports, and this is the killer, that she will be playing the role of movie icon, Elizabeth Taylor, in a movie made for television. Lindsay claims she has been doing a lot of research for the role and has always been fascinated with Elizabeth Taylor. I wonder what Liz would have to say about all this? Lindsay has spent most of her career living in a haze of drugs and alcohol and playing “catch me if you can” with the law. How in the world is she fit to play a legendary star? It’s beyond me. I can only think that the people producing this project want to capitalize on all her bad publicity and are counting on people tuning in to see Lindsay’s “come back” performance. That is “if” the movie ever gets made and “if” Lindsay doesn’t relapse at some party that you know she will be attending. She never did the real work necessary for her addiction or completed a legitimate rehab program. She just waltzes in and out of rehab, as she pleases, and goes right back to partying. So excuse me for being both cynical and skeptical.

Can anyone see her playing Elizabeth Taylor? She better do a damn good job because this role just might jump start her career or kill it. Let’s see if she can pull it off without a hitch. 

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  1. I have been following the Lohan drama for years now, I haven't seen any willingness to get sober for real, I have seen typical hollywood entitlement. I have grown a bit bored with Lindsay, once those looks start to go whoo hoo watch out world.I also can't see her as Elizabeth Taylor.