Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mega Millions Jackpot 640 Million...

I woke up today a mega loser and I have only heard from other mega losers. I guess that means I have to start over again with the new jackpot? I guess my friends can’t deliver on their promises to look out for me if that win. Nope, I am in the same boat I was in yesterday morning at this time, but with a little less hope and some deflated dreams.

Everyone imagines winning the lottery and what they would do with the money. I heard from so many people yesterday who would try and do something really good with the money and help those in need. A jackpot that large could do an infinite amount of good. My friends and I were chatting about starting a charitable foundation with some of the money. A foundation would perpetually raise money for many causes and would last long after we were all gone. Of course everyone wants a new house or two, some new luxury cars we couldn’t afford before and to avoid relatives that haven’t heard from in ages. Everyone wants to help dear family and friends and with that kind of money you could set up everyone you know for life. You can make all your dreams come true, everyone you care about dreams come true, strangers in needs dreams come true.

Part of me has an evil side, I just can’t help it. I would get some great satisfaction from knowing that people who have thrown me under the bus, mistreated me or took me for granted, wouldn’t get a thin dime. Imagine how they would be kicking themselves for not nurturing the relationship they had with me and doing me wrong? Sometimes it might be cathartic to make a list of those who took advantage of us, hurt us, betrayed us or whatever and imagine how this jackpot could allow us have the last laugh, even if we didn’t follow through with it. I think it’s the Sicilian revenge gene that I inherited that provokes me to think this way.

You can really do just about anything with that kind of money, even half of it would go a long way. Maybe I would put up a billboard of myself, enjoying my new found fortune, across the street or very close by an “enemy’s” house, for lack of a better term. This way they could be reminded everyday about how well I have done for myself. For example, one of my ex-friends always wanted to live in France, so that billboard would have me sitting on the French Riviera being waited on. One of my friends recently had to leave a job working at the salon of an impossible owner, who gypped her out of her rightful pay. I dislike how the owner treated her, I would immediately see to it that a high end Spa & Salon was opened as close to her business as possible, fully staffed and equipped, offering tremendous discounts to get new customers and have my friend manage the business as part owner, giving her 80% of the profits once the business was thriving. It’s things like this that make me happy, even if only in my thoughts.

Who knows when the jackpot will get close to 600 million again, if ever? Until then we can still keep dreaming, keep hoping, keep playing and keep hatching revenge plots on the side.

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