Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool’s Is On You…

I woke up my girls this morning while I was listening to a new hip hop song. I discovered the song on Friday and can’t seem to stop playing it. The name of the song is “Do It” by Final Draft. Normally, I do not listen to rap or hip hop songs because they don’t agree with me. But, this song is opening up my mind to giving this genre another chance.

As the girls woke up they stumbled into my room to watch be grooving’ to the song on my computer. They looked at me in disbelief. My younger daughter said, “Please say April Fools…this is an April Fool’s joke, right? You are supposed to be listening to this kind of music.” I was more than happy to inform her that it was not a joke, that I enjoyed this song very much and intended to keep playing it. They both looked down and left to go have breakfast. When they returned, to get dressed and make their beds, they found me still playing the song and singing some of the lyrics. My younger daughter seemed more disturbed by my new found interest and asked me how many hits did this song get? I said over 102,000. She replied, well 50,000 must have been from you! Off she went to take care of her business.

I guess old dogs can learn new tricks. If someone had told me a few days ago I would be happily listening to hip hop I would have told them they were crazy and made a bet with them that they would be wrong. It’s a good thing no one did, because I am just loving this song.

So ends the day with the “joke is on you for my girls.”  Your mother has gotten a little cooler and more hip the past couple of days. Deal with it!

Here is the song that all the fuss was about: “Do It” by Final Draft. Have a listen, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

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