Tuesday, April 3, 2012

O.J. Simpson Innocent???

A new book has emerged  and the author swears he has found that O.J. is not only innocent of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman’s murder, but he KNOWS who did it and has proof. I clearly remember the day in 1994 when the jury found O.J. not guilty of both murders. In my opinion there was overwhelming evidence at the crime scene, there was the famous car chase, the disguise and shovel in the trunk of his car. I mean just about everything pointed to O.J. and his guilt, and I was not the only one outraged by the verdict. I left to pick up my daughter from school and when I got there the entire schoolyard, full of parents, were all talking about it. No one was happy.

Now P.I. William Dear has written a book, after conducting his own thorough investigation, and says O.J. is innocent. He claims to have all the documentation to exonerate O.J. spelled out in his book. Dear has spent twenty years looking into all aspects of the case. He says that the real killer was O.J.’s son, Jason, his son by his first wife. He says Jason Simpson not only had possession of the murder weapon, a knife, he also had other pieces of evidence in his storage facility. Dear goes on to say, "We have emails from his former roommates that were in college with him. We have our suspect's diaries. We have his forged time card, and we have the vehicle he was driving on the night of the murders." The next logical question would be “WHY?” would Jason kill Nicole and Ron.

“Dear contends that Jason Simpson has his own demons and suffers from ‘intermittent rage disorder…Our suspect at the time was 5'11" and 235 pounds. He was 24 years old, and he was on probation for assaulting his previous employer with a knife. In addition to that, he's had three attempted suicides and has been in a psychiatric unit.’”

This is an interesting premise, but why did it take 20 years to arrive at this conclusion? I’m very skeptical. I seem to recall all of the Simpson family being questioned at the time. The police didn’t seem to think Jason was involved. Surely they had access to the same information as the author of this new book? Had they suspected anything one would think they would have investigated further. 

I don’t know what to make of this at all. I am still convinced that O.J. is the guilty party and got away with murder. BUT, if Jason did it or they have enough evidence to make a case, maybe they should try prosecuting him. Meanwhile, O.J. finally ended up behind bars and is serving a thirty year sentence. There is some satisfaction in that and maybe some karma too.


  1. he was also a chef without an alibi that night

  2. I have a "pet peeve" with people who are susceptible to media hypnosis and believe what ever they choose to believe because "they feel" instead of "they think." Having read too much about the case, I am certain OJ didn't do anything. That may be his crime. He may know who did and can't say so. Whatever, I'm sure he didn't do it, and pretty sure I am among a tiny few white people who think that way. What a tragedy that is.