Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's Next for Van der Sloot?

I have been following the Natalee Holloway case since the beginning. As the mother of girls around her age, it terrified me to no end to think that a young girl, who was on a senior trip, could disappear just hours before heading back home. They never found her body, or got any answers. I have always felt that Natalee was drugged and then lured out of the bar by Van der Sloot and his friends. Van der Sloot told various versions of what happened that night. He was the last one seen with her. None of his stories made sense, he had to have left things out. His father came on the scene early on to protect his son. His father was a judge. The whole case haunted me, I can only imagine the horror that Natalee’s parents had to endure for all these years. Van der Sloot ended up killing another girl in Peru on the fifth anniversary of Natalee’s disappearance. This time his father wasn’t around to coach him. This time there was a body. This time he picked on Stephany Flores, whose father had a prominent position in Peru. This time he confessed to murder and got 28 years in prison…not nearly enough if you ask me.

Now the United States is trying to extradite Van der Sloot from Peru and bring him here. They want to try him for extortion. He tried to get money from Natalee’s mother, $25,000 to be exact, in exchange for information leading to her body and details on how she died. A conviction for that crime carries a ten year sentence. People are saying that this is just an excuse to get him here so that we can possibly try him for Natalee’s murder eventually. Van der Sloot isn’t too happy with this new development. He has heard stories about American prisons and how tough they are. Too bad. He should be made to suffer every day he is in prison for the pain and heartache he has caused. A Peruvian judge has already approved the first step of the extradition. The process could take place within the next three months.

The way this extradition would work is that Van der Sloot will be tried and likely found guilty of extortion, sentenced and returned to Peru to serve the remainder of his 28 year sentence. The U.S. is just waiting to Peru to make the decision to send him here for trial. Maybe, during the time this trial is being orchestrated, the authorities will put together a murder case on Natalee. I don’t think they want to get ahead of themselves by saying that just yet.

I am very happy with this turn of events. Finally some justice for Natalee and her family. They should not let him get away with anything that could keep him in prison. I think he is a sociopath liar who would kill again and again if given the opportunity.

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