Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Chili's Experience...

Just when I thought I wouldn’t have a peeve for today, something always happens to give me something to talk about. My husband took the day off today for various reasons. I thought it might be a good idea to take a walk to our local Chili’s for lunch. It’s beautiful out today and the sun is shining with a cool breeze. He agrees with my suggestion, as always. As we both get hungry early because the dog gets up at 5:30 am every day, we leave just ten minutes before noon and arrive by noon. 

We already know what we want because we have had the 2 for $20 deal before many times. Today we both order the same meal, the bacon ranch chicken quesadillas which I have had many times before. Our order is taken promptly and it doesn’t take long before the meal arrives at our table. At first glance it seems fine, but I notice there is no ranch dressing on the side. I take a bite, I don’t taste bacon. I think to myself and then say out loud, “I don’t taste any bacon at all.” My husband takes a bite. He doesn’t taste any bacon either. Maybe we just picked up the wrong piece to start with? We both notice immediately that the tortilla’s are somewhat burnt and they taste like it. It’s still edible, but it detracts from our enjoyment. We pick up another piece and bite into it and still no bacon! There was no bacon period. It reminded me of the little old lady from the old commercial who would say, “Where’s the beef!” So now we are basically eating chicken cheese quesadillas on burnt tortillas. 

The check comes immediately, even as we are still eating. I don’t care because that means I can get out faster. The server says there is a survey online of our experience and they would love to hear from us. As soon as she is out of earshot I say to my husband “I don’t think so,” and take the check, with our personal code on it, with me. I made up my mind I was going to tell them about our experience as soon as I got home and then blog about it. This is what I wrote: My husband and I ordered the bacon ranch quesadillas which we have had before. This time however, there was no bacon, no ranch on the side and the tortillas were over cooked to slightly burnt. We were dissatisfied but did not mention it to the server because we were in a rush today and could not wait for them to be done over. We will see if they do anything about it or not. I am getting my satisfaction in this blog. 

So, other than that, we had a nice little lunch. At least it was quiet and the place was fairly empty because it was so early. I don’t think I’ll be heading back to Chili’s any time soon unless they give me a voucher for a free dinner or something. Then I might be persuaded to give then another try.

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