Friday, April 13, 2012

Hillary Rosen’s Faux War Against Moms!

As a stay at home mom, I wasn’t too happy to hear Hillary Rosen attack Ann Romney for staying home to raise her five boys. Actually, she attacked her for not working a day in her life…and by work she means a paying job, not the job of being a mother. You know that worthless mothering “job” that doesn’t pay you any money, but requires you to make countless sacrifices, 24/7, for the sake of your family. Hillary is now anxious to put the “faux war” to rest, because she hasn’t gotten any support for her insulting and offensive remarks against stay-at-home moms from either side of the political forum. In fact, anyone who is anyone, has spoken out against what she has said, all the way up to President Obama and his wife Michelle. No one in their right mind was going to side with Rosen, forcing her at admit her words were poorly chosen and trying to defend herself. She finally appeared on CNN and after some defense and “what I should have saids,” she issued an apology for her comments.

I am all for women having a choice in working or staying at home. Some women want to work and have careers. Other women have to work to help support their families. And still other women who, like myself, are not wealthy but chose to make the sacrifices necessary to be able to stay home and raise their children. Whatever options women have, it’s their decision and no one should be criticized for it. I have known women who fit into all categories when it comes to this topic. Single and married moms who have to work must find what works best for them. I know my cousin does a day care at home so she could earn money and be there for her own children at the same time. Some women work at night so they can be there in the day for their children. Some place their children with relatives or in day care so they are able to work. And some of us, who can manage on one salary, make a decision to stay at home. Some women have a choice to work or not, others have no choice at all, if they want to provide for their children. Who is anyone to pass judgment on that? Frankly, I don’t know how a women with a full time job manages to handle that and raising a family too. Yet so many women do it all.

I worked ten years before having my children, so Hillary Rosen wouldn’t be able to say I never worked a day in my life. However, I do take offense at her statement because I have spent the last 25 years at home with my children. Yes, I could have gone back to work at some point, but chose not to. Besides that, my parents and in-laws were aging and in failing health by the time my children were becoming independent. And then, like Ann Romney, I had to deal with my own health issues. Life is complicated, but I know one thing, every woman knows what is best for her and her family and rises to the occasion. If that means she has to or wants to work outside the home, so be it. If she wants to forego luxuries that a second salary would bring, and stay at home, that’s her prerogative and no one else’s business. It’s shocking that Rosen didn’t realize her error even as the words crossed her lips. I’m not sure her apology is genuine and not just an attempt at damage control for something that has taken on a life of it’s own in such a short time. When she made the comment she seemed to say it with conviction and then defended it. I am not so quick to believe her apology was sincere at this point. What do you think? In any case, Ann Romney, handled it with tact and grace!

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