Monday, April 16, 2012

Chin Implants Are All The Rage!

I was sitting her wondering what to write about. Sometimes ideas just flow and other days I am grasping for straws. I like to try to write something everyday, if I can. Well the big talk of the day is chin implants. It’s been all over the news. Everyone is wanting a chin implant. I heard it once too many times and it’s become a peeve. I’ve already talked about all kinds of cosmetic surgery and the artificial looking results. My voice isn’t having any impact on the plastic surgery industry at all. Plastic surgeons are raking in big bucks because people aren’t happy with the way they look. 

You know, if I cared about how I looked, I’d probably need several surgeries to make myself more perfect looking, especially now, at my age. I could probably sign up for breast implants, a tummy tuck and a little liposuction. My lips need to be fuller, now that I look at them, they seem awfully thin. On the other hand, my nose is a little too wide and could use some thinning.  I think I would keep my chin, I always got compliments on it because I have a little clef that is supposed to be an asset, and I wouldn’t want to lose that. Of course, I am just a little shy of 60 years old, so a face lift is in order. My face needs some tightening, I just have to hope they don’t pull it back so hard that my eye brows go up and I look perpetually surprised! 

What am I going to do with my old looking hands after I shave ten years off my face? I guess I could wear gloves? My arms are starting to look their age too. Thank God there are long sleeves for that. I just don’t know what people will need to improve next? I mean my friend has some uneven toes that don’t go down in size like they are supposed to. The second toe is longer than her big toe. Maybe she needs some cosmetic surgery for that? After all, who wants to strut on the beach and have people starring at your malformed toes? Just where does all this nonsense end? Not with chin implants. The number of chin implants has gone up 71% since 2010!  I even read an article about a plastic surgeon who gave his 21 year old daughter breast implants for her birthday! Of course her friends all wanted work done too, why not?

I guess I just don’t get it. Paying thousands of dollars and putting yourself at risk for complications, just to look like someone you aren’t, or worse yet to look like everyone else. Oh well, at least I got a peeve out of it.

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