Friday, April 6, 2012

Sisters, Best Friends...

When I found out that my second baby was going to be a girl the first thing I thought of was, "Oh Lord at some point, there were going to be three women, with PMS every month, in our home." I told my husband that when the time came, he should have a bag of his clothes packed and be ready to leave for a few days every month, for his own protection. The second thing I thought of is that my daughter would have a baby sister, something I had never had. I wanted my girls to be very close and I tried to instill that in them, but mostly I found it came naturally.

From the moment I brought my second daughter home, my older daughter, who had strong maternal instincts, became like a second mother to her baby sister. And, as for my younger daughter, the second she first heard the sound of her older sister’s voice she instantly turned her head in her direction as if to look for her. She recognized her voice, or so it seemed. And I could see they bonded instantly. And throughout the past twenty two years, they have never had a real argument or even the typical squabbles that most siblings have. They always got along and it warms my heart and gives me great peace to know they will always be close and look out for each other.

This week my younger daughter had a difficult week at school. She had to stay late a couple nights for two to four hours to work on a group project, this after working her normal eight hour day. She had a couple of tests this week too, that she had studied all weekend for. Wednesday night she came home at 8:30 PM and ate dinner. She got up at 8 am to do it all over again yesterday. But, at 5:30 PM Thursday, both girls were home for dinner and happy to see each other. They joked at dinner. Then, both of them being tired, they collapsed in the living room to watch television together. I thought they would be there till bedtime, chatting in front of the television. But, about an hour after dinner, my older daughter comes upstairs and tells me they are going to Cold Stone for ice cream. It seems my younger daughter had a craving and her sister was going with her to get some for herself too. Besides that, my older daughter had an ulterior motive. She wanted to show her sister some graffiti she had spotted on the way home from work, near Cold Stone. It was a message from a character on a show they both watch called, Pretty Little Liars. The message scrawled across the wall was “You’re next.” A.  The character A, on the show, has been a mystery for God knows how long. I’m always hearing them say, “Who is A?” every season, week after week. This week they are supposed to reveal who A is, but they never do.

It might sound like nothing, but that little bit of graffiti made my younger daughter laugh. They both shared a moment, some ice cream and a laugh tonight. My older daughter knew her sister needed a break from school and all her work. She always knows what to do for sister, just like when they were little and she would always keep an eye on her. 

This weekend I will have both my girls home with me, celebrating Easter. It makes me very happy that I can say that my little girls have not only grown up to be very close as sisters, but also are best friends.

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