Friday, March 16, 2012

The Power of Faith...

I’ve always noticed that in times of trouble or when we are struggling, faith plays an important role in getting us through those times. It’s not just faith in a higher being based on any religion, though that seems to be the most common way we view faith. We hear some bad news and we start to pray, having faith that our prayers will be answered or miracles can happen. But, if our prayers aren’t answered, we say it wasn’t in God’s plan. And we persevere with that thought. If a loved one loses their battle with an illness, we grieve and, at the same time, have faith that they are in a better place and no longer suffering. But there is a lot more to faith than just the religious aspect. Faith plays an important role in our lives.

Faith is necessary to get us through the hurdles and to have a fulfilling and productive live. Faith is what gives us strength. It helps us believe that things can, do and will get better. Faith teaches us that nothing is impossible and things will turn out for the best at some point, if we don’t give up and believe they will. When we have faith, we believe in a good outcome and we work towards that with mind, heart and body. We can make things happen, even through our subconscious actions, if we believe we can. Many doubters say, “I will believe it when I see it.” But those with faith know they will “see it, if they believe it.” 

There is no limit to faith. How many things has the human race accomplished through perseverance that were once thought to be impossible? How many of our own prayers have been answered? How many of our goals have been achieved because we had faith in ourselves? Faith is really an invaluable resource that makes us resilient and able to keep fighting even when we feel like giving up. 

Everyone has faith, but some of us use it the wrong way. Some have faith that nothing they do will turn out right and it becomes a self-fulfilling negative prophecy. But if we use faith in a positive way there is no limit to what we can accomplish. Faith helps lessen worry and anxiety, and gives us confidence and power. We just have to focus on the things we can do, not worry about the things that are out of our control. Be opened minded and think positively and good things will happen.

I think I have always had faith in myself and my abilities without really realizing it. I have been fortunate in life to have people I can trust and have faith in as well. Of course, my faith in God has gotten me through many a life crisis. I don’t think we take time to consider what a tremendous impact faith has on our lives. If we did, we would focus on it more, cultivate it, and make it work for us and not against us. Just food for thought.

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