Monday, July 16, 2012

Anthony Weiner Back So Soon?

Just one year ago Anthony Weiner resigned his office after denying he had tweeted out pictures of his crotch. I haven’t forgotten the scandal. I’m sure very few people have. And yet today, I hear news that Weiner is considering running for mayor of New York City. I guess he threw it out there to see if it would stick? He isn’t ready to give up politics just yet, and he is hoping voters will agree with him or have forgotten what he did just one short year ago.

I don’t know what he is thinking? Any opponent in a mayoral race is going to bring up this scandal in a hot minute. He is going to drag his wife, family and friends through this ordeal again and make them relive his disgraceful, perverted behavior? Is he going to say he went for therapy and is cured, I wonder? What makes a person do these kinds of things in the first place? And, not only did he commit the deeds, he lied multiple times to try and squash the scandal, which only got bigger and bigger, like Pinocchio’s nose.

The problem with politics and political leaders is that no one expects them to have integrity, morals, honesty, ethics. We expect next to nothing from our leaders. We make excuses for them like, what he does in his personal life shouldn’t be use to judge his ability to do the job. But shouldn’t a person’s ethical behavior apply across the board? If you are a liar in your personal life, won’t that cross over into your professional life and vice versa? These are core values and the essence of who you are. You can’t separate your lack of honesty, ethics and acts of amoral behavior in one part of your life from another.

And so Anthony Weiner is going to try to reinvent himself and run for mayor. Right now he is putting feelers out to see how much controversy the idea with create. He’ll tell us he has changed, learned his lesson, and is ready to move on and serve the people of New York City. It’s a shame really. The election is this year and he has been waiting for 12 years to run. He went and ruined everything last year. I’m not quite ready to forgive and forget, when it comes to Weiner’s weiner. He showed poor judgment over and over again. He showed he was not loyal and faithful to his new bride by engaging in more than  flirtatious conversations with other women. He showed us he is a hell of a liar. He is an embarrassment. I think this idea is a huge mistake. The media will have a field day with him and his possible slogans. “Anthony Weiner: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!”

I, for one, have seen everything I want to see regarding Anthony and his weiner. I’d rather have Oscar Mayer run for mayor.

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