Friday, July 13, 2012

Meeting With Realtor...

Hopefully, the ball will get rolling!

We have been talking to the Realtor, a friend of the family, for the past two months and I have blogged about some of our encounters. We left off with my getting the house ready to show and he was going to get me in to see the two houses I found myself. You may recall, the house he did take me to see was everything I didn’t want in a house. So we agree to get my house ready to show while he looks for houses I might like.

My husband and I get to work on doing a few cosmetic things around the house to make it more appealing. We have been working on that mostly since he retired June 1st. Today is the day we finish up the last of it in the basement. We wanted to refresh and clean it because it’s unfinished and not very great looking. So the Realtor calls and we set up a meeting this past Wednesday after dinner. He has papers for us to sign and he wants to take pictures. He calls me at 7:15 to say he will be here in 15 or 20 minutes. An hour later he arrives, papers in hand. He is frazzled. Apparently, he just discovered that his wallet and camera were stolen from his car and he had to make calls to the bank and credit card companies, which is the reason for his delay in getting here. I am sympathetic to his issues, but I feel like I’m almost doomed.

After several minutes of discussing his theft, he starts to discuss the paperwork we have to sign. We decide we don’t want an open house or for sale sign up or MLS just yet. I have neighbors I would rather not have parade through my house, especially if I am stuck living here for a long while. All the while we are talking he receives a minimum of four phone calls. Two calls from his relatives who live in Ohio that he just dropped off at the airport, to tell him they arrived safely and asked him about his wallet. Another two calls from tenants of a building he manages, who are complaining there is a water issue in their building. He tells them he will be there in a little while. I am a bit exasperated to say the least. So far this hasn’t been going well at all. I like the guy, but nothing has been going right so far. 

He was going to take pictures with his cell phone, but then decided he should get another camera for that. The pictures should be of good quality since they might attract or discourage buyers who see them online. I agree. Hopefully, he will be back soon to take care of that and get this ball rolling. He says he has a potential buyer who has been waiting to see the house. He may be a friend of my attached neighbor and that could be a good thing. We’ll see what develops with that. Meanwhile, I am waiting for pictures to be taken and I still want to see the two houses I gave him addresses for. When do you think that will happen? Stay tuned. 

Now I need to get back to the basement and finish up down there. My husband has two meetings next week for part time work and I have lots more to throw out of the house. Then we will try to enjoy the rest of the summer and have some “fun.” I hear “fun” is a good thing from people who have tried it.

P.S. I know I have been neglecting my blogging and hopefully, once the major work is done, I will have plenty to say about everything. Thanks for bearing with me during this hot, humid, and exhausting time.

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