Saturday, July 21, 2012

House Hunting Trials & Tribulations...

Well, my house is ready to show, for what it’s worth. This past Thursday, the Realtor made appointments to show me four houses. The two I asked to see four weeks ago have offers now and I never got to see them. They seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, mainly move-in condition and in the right price range and location. I am pissed about this to say the least. I wanted the opportunity to at least look at and consider these houses, but I relied on the realtor and missed the boat. There aren’t that many houses for sale in my area and of those, hardly any are in move-in condition. Oh well…

So we went to see these four houses.  I am hoping I got my point across about what I want to see and envision myself buying. He even had the pictures of the two houses I really liked to help him figure it out. We saw four houses and I did not like any of them. I basically wasted two hours of my life.

One house, the cleanest one, only had two bedrooms (I need three) and was on the outer edge of the neighborhood I wanted. I want to be in the center of the neighborhood. We all know where that is, it’s the prime location around here. So much for that.

The next couple of houses we see have oil heat. I didn’t think I had to specify I want gas heat because I thought most people had already converted to gas. I don’t want to be bothered with oil heat and deliveries every month or so. When I complain about th eoil heat, he tells me that is “fixable.” Oh yeah? Right after I pay a boat load of money for the house, I can just convert to gas heat just like that? I have nothing else to do because the rest of the house also needs work…and is NOT in move-in condition. In one house the wood floors were atrocious and needed sanding, also “fixable.” How many ways can I say I do not want to “fix” or have anything “fixed”? One bathroom just needed to be ripped out and gutted. Is that “fixable” too? I don’t mind having a painter come in to change the color of a wall, but I am not about to hire a contractor to overhaul a house I paid a lot of money for. I am freaking tired.

One house has an unfinished basement that is a total mess. That would be fine if the rest of the house was “move-in condition,” but it wasn’t. Guess where the half bath was? Right! In the mess of an unfinished basement and that’s not even the best part. The best part is that the half bath is a toilet and tank sitting on the basement floor right out in the open. Yep. No screen, no partition, no curtain…just a toilet. Might as well have been a hole in the floor. And what happens if someone decides to come down there while you are doing your business? Did I just fall into the Twilight Zone?

I gave the realtor another list of potential houses after we were done looking around. So far I have been a pretty good sport about all this, but my patience has thinned out. I hate it when I talk and people don’t listen to what I am saying. If I see one more house that’s not move-in condition, where I want it to be, in the price range I am willing to pay I am going to have a stroke. On top of that I want to see if he takes me to the places I have researched online this time, the ones I feel might have real potential. I am still pissed I did not get to see the first two houses. 

And so goes the house hunting saga! I’m sure to have more stories to tell after we go out again to look around. I hope this is going to be a long, protracted process. Oy Vey! The picture above seems to best describe my experience so far!

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