Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Kennedy Curse...

I will admit that I have not been a fan or admirer of the Kennedy Family. I’ve heard too many thing about how they came by their wealth, and though I can’t tell you the details, I know enough to know it wasn’t by legal means. Growing up I have always heard about the Kennedy “curse” because so many bad and tragic things have happened to members of the family over decades. I can’t help but wonder, how many of those are the result of bad karma and how many were brought on by themselves? The one incident that has haunted me for years was in 1969, when Ted Kennedy drove off the Dike bridge and landing in a pond, which resulted in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. It has always bothered me that he left the scene of the accident and never notified authorities until he sobered up. Obviously, he was driving drunk and we will really never know if there was more to it than that or not. The parents of the young girl did not give permission to exhume her body for further tests. That is another thing I found odd and suspicious. I have always felt they were paid off by the Kennedy’s to keep their daughter’s body buried along with any evidence that might shed light on what happened.

What brings this old case back to mind today is another “accident” by a member o the Kennedy family. Kerry Kennedy, ex-wife of New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, and daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, was arrested for D.W.I. yesterday after leaving the scene of her accident. She was driving under the influence of drugs when she crashed into a tractor-trailer. After she hit the truck she kept driving, even with a flat tire, until she could go no further. Other drivers were calling authorities due to her erratic driving. Kerry Kennedy was not injured and fortunately didn’t injure anyone else.

I think many of the tragic things that occur in this family are the consequences of their poor choices and bad behavior. They may think they are above the law. Rich people often do. They have the means to hire the best attorneys and investigators to get them out of any legal problems they get into, so why worry? They can always make bail, money is not an issue. You can bet your boots that they aren’t treated the same way you and I would be treated if we were arrested. And that goes for all celebrities too. 

Some of us wish we were rich, we fantasize about it, we dream of the things we would do with millions of dollars. Just yesterday I was saying that I think too much money can be a curse. I think money makes people lose sight of what is important in life. It shifts their priorities to greed, power, and materialistic things. It makes them feel they are above everyone else, that they are untouchable. I think it also makes them sad and depressed. Money brings fleeting happiness, a momentary high. Money can’t buy you true lasting happiness or love. It can’t restore your health or turn back time. Those are the things that are important in life, but money makes you lose sight of them.

Kerry Kennedy has three daughters, twins age 17 and a third daughter, age 15. They need their mother. What could ever be more important than that? She has the money for the best rehab in the world if she wanted to go to one. Yesterday, she could have killed herself and left her children without a mother. Yesterday, she could have killed someone else’s mother or father or even an entire family, by making the decision to get behind the wheel of her Lexus. Is all this part of the Kennedy curse or the curse of having too much money and time on your hands? I don’t know.


  1. I wouldn't trade places with any of them, ever. Kennedys are in the spotlight whether they want to be or not. I feel sorry for the ones that want a more private life. As rich as they are, they cannot ever buy the kind of privacy that most of us enjoy.

  2. Alcoholism does not discriminate, it doesn't care that you are a Kennedy. She needs AA meetings just like the rest of us . Also, alcoholics in their addiction will always put the alcohol first over anything.