Monday, February 18, 2013

Remnants of a Friendship…Box #2

The Remnants of Box #2

Well, I am surprised to see, that as I open box number two, it is full of stuffed animals. Yes, you read right. We used to send little things in our packages, if we saw something cute, as symbols of affection or for humor and inside jokes.

Let’s see what we have in here. An Easter bunny that stands about fifteen inches tall and is holding a flower. She is wearing a floral dress with a pink jacket over it. I’m sure it came in a nice Easter basket one year. I had her sitting out for the longest time, but packed her away with the others after things had come to an end.

There are two monkeys, hugging each other for dear life, with a tag on them that reads: “Friends Forever.” One monkey is “Princess” the Other “Angel.”  I had that out for a long time too. It was supposed to represent “us.”

And here is a small little beanie baby bear that Marie picked up at her university bookstore one day. with an “I ♥ you” written on the tag.

A six inch angel figurine, so I would remember I was her “angel.”

Here is a beaded bracelet, with the Jamaican colors: yellow, green and black. Marie and her niece were/are very much into the Jamaican culture.

Two picture frames, each holding a picture of me and Marie in happier times. One of them was taken when she spent Christmas week with us, the other one was of the two of us in Texas one night. We looked very happy in both.

And last, but not least, there is a small violin and bow on a keychain, I’m not even sure what the significance of that was any more. The violin and bow used to make music. Now they don’t. I think that is a fitting end for this blog.

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