Friday, February 22, 2013

Rob Morrison, My Former CBS News Anchorman…

Why is Rob my former news anchorman? Rob was arrested on a case of domestic violence for trying to strangle his wife a few days ago. Rob had been drinking, there were marks consistent with choking on his wife’s neck and he also threatened to kill her in front of the police, who noted it in their report. Rob then quit his job, probably knowing he would be fired. Rob has been married to his wife, Ashley, for ten years and they have one son. Ashley also has a prominent position at CBS as the MoneyWatch reporter. Rob has cheated on his wife with two co-workers during the ten year marriage. Rob also allegedly attacked his wife one month before his arrest for this incident. Apparently, Rob also likes to drink. So what s my problem with this story? Damage control for the out of control.

For one thing, Rob denies strangling his wife and says they were just having a normal disagreement, despite evidence to the contrary. He says he loves his wife and is surprised by the charges against him because he never laid a hand on her. And what’s worse, the couple seems to have made a “joint” statement to the press saying the allegations have been greatly exaggerated and they would like their privacy respected.  In fact, Ashley gave police a sworn written statement regarding the events and then later retracted it. Her original statement said that she was discussing Rob’s excessive drinking with him and he was taping it with his iphone. She told him it was personal and to stop. When she tried to grab the phone, he threw her to the ground and started choking her. A nanny witnessed the attack. Ashley later says they were both drunk and the bruises on her neck occurred as the result of a struggle for the iphone. The retraction was made because she didn’t want her husband arrested.

Ashley is a petite woman of 115 pounds, Rob is an ex-marine weighing in at 180. There is a history of domestic violence which has been documented. Ashley allegedly makes a habit of reporting abuse and then downplaying it after the fact. So what is the truth? That’s anyone’s guess. But one thing is sure, there is never going to be a “fair” fight between these two. One day, maybe as a result of alcohol or rage, Ashley may not be so lucky. The police may not get there in time. She may be the next Nicole Simpson. What is she thinking? She has a seven year old son. How is this environment going to affect him? Why would these two people, who have lucrative, public careers, jeopardize everything by staying in such an unhealthy relationship? Are they both alcoholics? Are they trying to maintain a certain “image” for viewers?

Meanwhile, Ashley’s mother and brother reportedly say that Ashley is afraid of Rob. Rob allegedly threatened to kill their son, Jack, in front of her if she ever leaves him. The police even questioned Jack about the incident, but the poor kid could only say he hadn’t seen anything. However, maybe he heard quite a bit, because there was enough of a disturbance for the nanny to go downstairs and check things out. Rob told her to go back upstairs, Ashley told her to stay because she was afraid.

What is it going to take before someone does the right thing in this situation? How many incidents and police reports have to be filed? It is going to take something tragic before this story comes to a conclusion? How many arguments have gone unreported? All I can do is shake my head. Clearly no one has given any thought for the best interests of the child. One day he may go from having two parents, to having none, if one is killed and the other arrested for murder. It’s a story we have seen played out many times before.

These people need to end their “marriage” and try to do right by their son. They need counseling and therapy. One or both may need rehab for their excessive drinking. Their son needs a safe environment and probably a little counseling before he becomes a suicidal teenager or an abuser himself. This couple has the financial means to get the help they need, there is no excuse for their behavior. If they don’t, they are a tragedy looking to happen, Next time they have a “normal disagreement,” they may not be so lucky.

P.S. I watch CBS news every day and more than once a day. I have yet to hear anything being reported about this story. It's like they want to hush up their own "news family" scandal. How can you be in the news business and pick and choose what you want to report? You want to air everyone else's dirty business and keep yours under wraps? I think CBS did themselves no favors by the lack of reporting or under-reporting this story. It's things like this that make us lose credibility and trust in journalism. Rob's "disappearance" is conspicuous and the reason is all over the internet and other news media. I am disappointed in CBS for downplayng what happened here. Stories like this open the door for discussion and awareness about domestic violence and should be addressed.

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  1. I agree with this article completely I am especially disgusted with CBS too. They are supposed to talk about local news, and this incident could not have been more local. When the replacement ancher did not mention Rob Moorrison's name I was suspicious and needed to Google to find the truth