Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Ellen,

Dear Ellen,

I am writing, in behalf of a group of friends, who have recently learned that one of us has suffered a devastating loss. We all met a number of years ago on a website sponsored by AOL to discuss the show American Idol. Through the years, on and off seasoned, we have shared our interest in the show and more importantly our lives, and become real friends, though we have never met. I am writing to you out of the love we feel for one another and in the hopes that you will be able to help our friend Angela Rundquist, in this dire time of need.

Angela, and her husband Jesse have four wonderful children. A few years ago they bought a run down farm house in Minnesota and renovated it themselves, one room at a time, over the past few years. They just finished remodeling the last room, a sun room, last week. Angela was thrilled and was going to furnish it with wicker furniture. This past Sunday, while the family was out shopping, there was a fire. When they got home they found their beautiful dream house in a pile of rubble. They was nothing left. All their belongings were burned in the fire. To make maters worse, their two dogs and two cats were killed in the fire. They had just gotten the two dogs from an animal rescue place this past Christmas. Needless to say the family is devastated as are their family and friends. It brings tears to our eyes every time we think of them and what they are going through and how they returned home to find their house and possessions destroyed and their beloved pets killed. The saddest thing of all is that they had no insurance and will not be able to rebuild their home.

We all live in different states, so it makes it virtually impossible for us to help Angela except with donations. Her family has set up a Facebook page to assist them for the present time. I will enclose the link if you are interested in viewing the page and their home before and after the fire. Pictures of her children are also on the page. We are desperate to try and help this family in any way possible. Through the American Idol message board we have become an extended family. We immediately thought of writing to you because we know what a compassionate and caring person you are.

If there is anything you can do for this family it would be very much appreciated. I know Angela and her husband are also great fans of Chris Daughtry. They have seen him sing in local venues and she has pictures of the two of them with Chris. I’m not sure if he could or would help them, but we have no way of getting in touch with him and letting him know.

Ellen, we understand that you must get thousands of letters a week asking for help. We wouldn’t be writing to you if the situation was so dire. Please consider helping them in any way you can. We would all be forever grateful to you.  Thank you.!/pages/Rundquist-Family-Benefit/192535950783780


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