Sunday, March 20, 2011

How NOT To Deport Your Future Brother In-Law!

My mother’s oldest sister, Mary, had been a widow for many, many years. She married her third cousin at a very early age, 16, and raised his three children. She also had given birth to a son who was handicapped and wheelchair bound all his life. My aunt Mary lost her husband and later her son, and lived alone many years. One day she was introduced to Luigi, an Italian immigrant who was here on a visa. They were both retired and they hit it off. My aunt told her family about him.

Though my mother was the youngest sister of the three, she was the one with the level head. Both her older sisters turned to her for everything and that’s why my mother felt she need to protect my aunt Mary. My mother was told, by a friend of my aunt, to check out Luigi because he was not a good man. She was informed she should write to Italy and learn the truth. My mother asked my father to check with his family, who was living there, to see what they could find out in case they needed to warn my aunt. A letter comes back from Sicily with information that Luigi is a gigolo and a womanizer. His reputation is bad, there were stories about his escapades and how he treated his wife badly. He had children, but none of them talked to their father. That was enough for my mother.

My mother called my aunt Mary to relay all she had learned from people who knew Luigi in Sicily. My aunt, by this time, had fallen in love with this creep and told my mother she knew all about his past, but he had changed. The truth is my aunt Mary was tired of living alone and was lonely and she felt this was an opportunity for happiness so she was not going to change her mind. This did not sit well with my mother after all she learned about this man. She was concerned that he was marrying her sister to stay in this country, live in her house and live on her money.

My mother decides to call her sister’s friend Jennie, the one who brought up the fact that Luigi had a bad reputation. After some discussion, the friend tells her that Luigi is here on a visa and the visa has expired. All my mother has to do is call the Department of Immigration and he will be deported…problem solved. So, my mother places an anonymous call to immigration and reports Luigi’s expired visa. The authorities come and arrest him and he is in jail.

However, as I stated previously, any time there is a problem, my aunts always turn to my mother for help. This time was no different. My aunt Mary learned that her fiancé was arrested for and expired visa and it was going to cost $500 to bail him out of jail. My aunt Mary did not have the money readily available and she called to ask my mother to lend it to her temporarily. My mother could not refuse her sister without her sister becoming suspicious or creating hard feelings between them. So, ironically, it cost my mother $500 to bail out Luigi from the jail she had him sent to. And we have come full circle.

The whole matter of the visa got straightened out. My aunt Mary went to Italy with Luigi and married him there, where they spent the entire summer. She seemed very happy and they were married for many years.

PS…the guy was really a creep! This old man groped me and two of my female cousins when we were in our early teens. I told my mother immediately and she told me not to tell my father or he would kill him and that she would take care of it. When she went to warn my cousins’ mothers, so the same thing wouldn’t happen to them, it was already too late. We were all warned never to be alone with him again under any circumstances. In another point in time, he made “passes” at my mother’s other sister, who told her sister Mary about it. Luigi denied it and it caused a big rift in the family.

Too bad the deportation scheme didn’t work!

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