Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review Day: Mattress Topper and 17 Day Diet!

For the past two days I have been cleaning my bedroom and washing all the bedding so I can place my new, four inch, memory foam mattress topper on the bed. I had been having back issues for well over a year and I was hoping this might help solve the problem. Sleeping with pain every time you move around is not very good sleep. My husband also suffers from back pain. I thought that this would be an inexpensive risk to take at $77 from

Of course, from all the bending and cleaning and vacuuming my back was aching more than usual last night. Well, I am very happy to report that there was a significant improvement this morning when I got out of bed. My husband also reported that his back felt better. I can only hope, that over the next few days, our pains will continue to improve and we will be getting a better night’s sleep. Also, unexpectedly, my right arm has been suffering with tennis elbow. Every morning I can barely stretch it out the pain is so bad from being stiff all night. Well, this morning there was just barely a dull ache! Amazing! I just hope it wasn’t a coincidence. I am so tired of pain. I will post the link to the mattress topper at the end of the blog and also the deep pocket sheets I got, which simulate 1200 Egyptian cotton for only $25 plus shipping. They feel like silk and I enjoyed them very much. I am going to order another set today. So for a little over $100 I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud. If you are considering doing the same thing, check back with me in a week and see what I have to say then!

As for the 17 Day Diet…aside from the quick weight loss (as of now it is still at 11 pounds, but that’s my fault), I noticed two other side effects. First of all, my back started bothering me a lot less without those extra pounds. All the physical therapy exercises did not accomplish what losing those few pounds did and in less the time. I am amazed. Secondly, my left leg (ankle and calf) was retaining water for months, a side effect of the radiation seven years ago. Since I started the diet and began drinking all that water, there is no swelling in my leg! This was much easier than keeping my leg elevated all the time. The walking may have helped too. The diet works wonders in areas that I was not expecting it to. This is just more motivation for me to apply what I have learned from the book and stick with it. I hope anyone who has been skeptical will reconsider now that I hear B&N has the book for $11 or $12. It is well worth the investment. I haven’t even followed it 100% because I was not able to get all the things he wanted me to down in a day. If you can do all the things he suggests, you will make much more progress than I did.

So there is proof positive that some things do work as they claim. If you have any questions on either review, contact me!

Links to mattress topper and sheets:

Topper:  And it went down to $70

Sheets:  They went up to $31 plus shipping.

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