Thursday, March 3, 2011

Unfriended On Facebook, Again

Well, today I woke up and discovered a “friend” unfriended me out of the blue. I don’t know why. There was no explanation, no incident, no words exchanged, no difference of opinion…nothing to give me a clue. They also unfriended a couple of other people without incident. It hurts because I really considered this person a friend. We had had many good conversations and personal exchanges. So, I am going to have my say and move on. I can’t control what others do, I am not even entitled to know why. I just have to accept it. Acceptance has never been one of my strong suits unfortunately.

Now I am left to wonder why this happened. Or, maybe I am better off forgetting about it. It’s just that this goes against everything I know to be true about the character of this person. The kindness, the decency, the morality, the fairness, the compassion, the love…those are the attributes I considered this person to have, I still do, but I guess they were not really extended to me. Instead of talking to me, asking me or telling me what, if anything, was bothering her, she just used the “unfriendly, unfriending ax” and let me have it.

I’ve been unfriended before and I’m sure to be unfriended again. Every time it stings one way or another. Sometimes I’ll feel hurt and I’ll shed a few tears over it, like today. Sometimes I’ll feel angry because I’ve tried to help someone and they will unfriend me over what someone else has said. Sometimes I’ve been disappointed too. Sometimes I didn’t care and they did me a favor. But I always sent a note apologizing for anything I may have done to cause the unfriending.

I know I did nothing this time. I still sent a note first thing this morning. I do it for my own peace of mind and closure. I do it to acknowledge the unfriending since I wasn’t given so much as a heads up about it. I have a total of 65 friends. That’s not much for a Facebook account. So when one goes missing you can’t help but notice. Today I have to say that I wish I had just stuck to using the internet for research and not become so attached to people. We get enough heartache in our very real personal lives without adding to it via a virtual world. Both kinds of heartache feel the same.

Well at least this experience gave me a topic to blog about. I need to go out and purchase a suit of armor for my very sensitive heart. I wonder if Amazon is having a sale? Yes, I see one there that’ll work for me for $19.99. Well worth it!


  1. Hey, I just wanted to comment, that there is a new "hacker" that goes around, takes accounts and unfriends people. So maybe an email or something of the sort should be sent. If it affected you like this, Nina, you DO deserve to know!!!! HUgs!

  2. I always send an email and I received a reply. It was not a hacker or mistake. I may get an explanation in the future. I'm ok, I just needed to vent. This blog comes in handy on days like this.