Friday, June 22, 2012

Job Hunting...

Both my girls are looking for jobs right now. One graduated three years ago and hasn’t been able to get into her field, but has been working hard and saving up her money. My younger daughter just graduated and is studying for her license exam in medical laboratory science, while sending out her resume. My younger daughter may have an easier time of it, her education and experience are in big demand. Still I worry about them. I want them to be happy and successful and even fulfilled at what they do.

When I graduated the job market was not good. I sent out 100 resumes and got two calls. At least I got a job from one of them. Not a dream job. Just a bank teller with the opportunity for promotion and advancement. The pay wasn’t great, but it was better than nothing. I took it and stayed there ten years, until I had my first baby. I did well and moved up the ranks at the bank, but, I always hoped my kids would have more opportunities out there. You just never know what the future holds for them when you have children. All you can do is encourage and support them, make sure they get a good education, and eventually land the job of their dreams.

They are both starting out as my husband takes early retirement. He has been home about three weeks now and is already getting restless. He was taking some time off before going back to work part time to keep himself busy. I think pretty soon he will be headed to work at one place or another. He has several contacts and everyone likes him. I hope he can find something to keep him busy that is stress free. He has worked at the same place over 30 years and never cared for what he did. But he kept doing it. The salary and the benefits were great and he wanted to make sure we always had everything we needed. We were able to put the girls through college without taking out any loans, so they are off to a great start compared to many of their friends. They aren’t in debt and can start planning their own futures, maybe travel, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Maybe we can too, one day soon.

In a couple of years I will probably be blogging about empty nest syndrome. Right now the chicks are looking to fly and testing their wings. I’m not pushing too hard. They will take off soon enough. I hate the thought of them leaving home one day, but I know I’ve done everything I can to prepare them for that big step, so when they take it, they won’t fall down. Hopefully, neither will I.

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