Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lindsay Lohan's "Accident"

A couple of days ago, when I saw a headline that Lindsay Lohan was in a car accident, I jumped to conclusions. Here we go again! She is going kill herself or worse, innocent people on the road. But, as I read the article, I happy to learn I was mistaken. A truck, an 18 wheeler, allegedly cut her off, totaling the Porsche she was in with her assistant. By the way the Porsche was rented, and the car the studio provided for her, with a driver, was following her car, as she was going to the set of “Liz and Dick.”

Lindsay was in the Porsche with her assistant. She told police officers that her assistant was driving the car and that she was the passenger. However, while Lindsay was being treated for minor scrapes and bruises, her assistant told police that Lindsay was driving and she was the passenger! I knew something wasn’t right. Okay, it doesn’t take a genius if the story involves Lindsay, does it? I don’t know why Lindsay chose to lie. Is it just a bad habit or did she have something to hide? In any case she didn’t do herself any favors because providing false information to the police has now put her probation for shop lifting in jeopardy. She could serve jail time. Really? What, another 15 minutes behind bars? I’ll believe that when I see it. She has really learned her lesson hasn’t she? She must have nine lives like a cat. There isn’t an accident or courtroom that can scare her straight.

Unfortunately for Lindsay, several honest witnesses stopped to tell police that both Lindsay and her assistant got out of the passenger side of the Porsche. What possible reason could there be for that I wonder? The only reason that sounds remotely plausible is that she was driving the car. Her assistant has no reason to lie. Oh, and another little tidbit, when the truck driver denied cutting her off, as Lindsay claimed, she changed her story to the brakes on the Porsche failed. The brakes on the Porsche failed? For all the lying Lindsay does, she still isn’t very good at it. Maybe if she was driving a Hyundai or Toyota she could claim the brakes failed…but a Porsche? 

Since she doesn't have much luck with driving, maybe she should have been a passenger in the company car with a safe driver? It seems to me she goes out of her way to look for trouble every which way she can.

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