Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sharon Stone Topless?

She may as well be walking around topless with the very sheer top she was wearing recently. She sure knows how to get attention. This was almost like the children’s story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, only the Emperor was oblivious to the fact he was naked, while I’m pretty sure Sharon knew exactly what she was doing. One look in the mirror was all it would take, in case she hadn’t realized the top is see through. I’m sure she got a ton of publicity for her trouble.

I have always been fascinated with Sharon Stone. There is just something quite inexplicable about her. I learned she was a member of Mensa, the society for geniuses, she speaks fluent French and is quite beautiful. In fact, when a computer put together all the perfect features of a woman’s face, the end result was Sharon’s face. Of course, if you try to google that experiment now all you get are tons of sites happily showing her 54 year old boobs, but I do recall reading that. Yet, I could never put my finger on what it is about Sharon Stone that intrigues me so much.

Then it came to me. It’s not that she is the world’s greatest actress or has had many outstanding roles. In fact, the one role that probably stands out above the rest, was Basic Instinct and her “chair scene” wear she opens her legs in front of the camera. She plays a psychotic killer followed around by Michael Douglas, until he falls for her. Here’s the thing, I believe that either Sharon is an excellent actress or she could be a millimeter away from being a cold, calculating killer. I watched that movie a couple of times and you can see her disassociation from people, the coldness in her eyes, the lack of emotion…and I swear it’s not just acting. It's like something is going on just beneath the surface. Of course, I am not a psychiatrist, it’s just a feeling I have whenever I see her, that she can go off the deep end at any moment.

I can’t say I would be surprised at anything that Sharon does. I recently heard that Sharon was waiting for repairmen to come to her house to do some work. They were scheduled to arrive at 9AM, however, for various reasons they arrived mid-afternoon instead, promising to stay as long as necessary to complete the job. Sharon was quite miffed at the situation and at having to wait so long, so she terrorized one of the workers by hurling cds at him the whole time he was working. Apparently, this was a new experience for him. It only left me wondering about how many dozens of similar stories have occurred over the years. 

Well, I guess I’ll have to keep wondering about what lies just beneath the surface of Sharon Stone because, as intrigued as I am, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be in a room alone with her any time soon.

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