Friday, June 29, 2012

Realtor Never Called....

The name of the song says it all!
The Telephone No Ring!

I know in the big scheme of things not everything is as important as it seems at the time. But right now I am irked and have something to say. The above song is one I listened to throughout my childhood and suddenly I find myself thinking about it today! Have a listen.

As you know, I have been writing about selling my house and finding another. I had a realtor come over while I was getting rid of things and doing a few cosmetic jobs around the house. But he wasn’t showing me anything until I insisted. Then he showed me one house, that was everything I didn’t want. Fine. I figured now he can find me something I would buy or at least like. Nothing was happening, so last weekend I found two houses I wanted to see. The pictures online looked great and they actually were in, what I would call, move-in condition.

I called the Realtor Sunday and sent him an email of the first house. When he finally called back we discussed it. He said he could take me, and at the same time I mentioned to him that I also came across a second house I’d like to see. He says he will call me Monday, which he does. On Monday he tells me he will make an appointment for me to see the house Tuesday, and asks if I will be home. I tell him any time Tuesday is great. I can be there at a moments notice. Meanwhile, he mentions he has someone who is waiting for me to put my house up because they are interested in seeing it. Great!

Tuesday comes and goes, no call. Wednesday comes and goes, no call. Thursday comes and goes, no call. Now I am sitting here wondering “What the hell?” Here’s a guy with a chance to make two commissions from one person who is highly motivated to buy and sell and he isn’t very attentive. He’s a nice guy, but I expected a lot more than I am getting here. I know he also does other things, like manage buildings, which bring him a steady income. Maybe real estate is just a sideline? That’s what I am starting to think. There are plenty of Realtors in the area that would be on top of this. I’m starting to think maybe I need to rethink my choice.

I guess when he gets around to calling I will tell him what I’m feeling. After all, after I sign papers, I am locked into to working with him for however many months and I don’t want to be just sitting her finding my own house and buyers.

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