Thursday, January 5, 2012

Casey Anthony Video Diary

A video diary made by Casey Anthony on October 13th has surfaced. She seems to have changed her appearance somewhat, since she went into hiding.  She apparently has a new computer, camera, phone and a dog. Things she can “call her own.” It’s been a long time that she has been able to call something “mine.”  She says she is excited that she will be able to skype and keep a video log. She does a lot of rambling, but I doubt that anyone cares what she has to say or how she is doing. She feels things are looking up and starting to change in a good way. Not once does she mention Caylee or missing her daughter. It’s all about her, as usual. She says this will be the first of many video logs she intends to make.

I had to watch this. When I heard it was out there, I was curious. What could she possibly say that anyone would care about? As it turns out, nothing.  I’ll post the video below if you want to watch it.  I think it is not going to work for her, but against her. People hate her for what she has done. There may be some who believe she is innocent, but I sure don’t know anyone who does. I think if she disappeared altogether, changed her face, her name and went to a foreign country, that is her only chance at having a normal life. Sticking around in this country, making video logs about her feelings and current situation, because of her desperate need for attention, isn’t going to endear her to anyone. I don’t even know if her own family wants anything to do with her other, Cindy, who has her head in the clouds and lives in a perpetual state of denial, might welcome her home, but I think she has burned her bridges with her dad and brother. The lies she told about them had to have changed their relationship forever. How do you get past what she said in her defense?

I am disgusted again. I had managed to forget Casey Anthony and that outrageous “not guilty” verdict for the holidays. Now she is doing things that will get public attention and it’s already been on Good Morning America this morning.  Something tells me we are going to be seeing a lot more of her once her probation is over. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is being interviewed by some show in May for ratings sweeps month. Dr. Phil is very good at saving controversial subjects for the three months where ratings really count. I’ll bet he is dying to have Casey on, but has to consider the fallout and damage to his show and reputation because people hate her. If he does, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. Maybe he can put a spin on it, like he did when he snatched up her parents for an interview right after the trial. He is pretty slick like that.

If you watch the video, let me know what you think.

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