Sunday, January 8, 2012

Diet Off To A Slow Start...

I was more motivated last year to get going on my diet and exercise plan. I guess I felt heavy, slow and sluggish. I also had a couple of other minor health concerns at the time, like water in my ankle and low back pain for over a year. The 17 Day Diet fixed both those things and I was thrilled. I lost ten of the twenty pounds I wanted to between the diet and a little walking every day. I was thrilled. I felt so much better too. But, then I got sidetracked and never found my way back. I didn’t gain back the weight I lost, so that’s a plus. Now I’ve decided to lose the remaining ten pounds this year. I am off to a slow start. I should have planned to allowed one week after the holidays to make sure all the snacks were gone, but it’s not a fatal mistake.

This week I stuck to the diet for breakfast and lunch and went off for dinner and a few snacks. No exercise, sorry to say, even though I have Jane Fonda’s 3 DVD’s sitting here. I am a little disappointed in myself, but it’s just a minor setback. I am determined to start fresh tomorrow and give it all I’ve got. The snacks are gone and I have a lot of healthy food in the house. I have my yogurt and fruit for snacks and lots of salad stuff. I have chicken, tuna and eggs on hand and of course, my trusty water bottle.

Today I am playing Matthew Rider’s “Ain’t Nobody Gonna Break My Stride” all day to keep me focused! I find music ingrains the message into my brain and if it has a good beat it makes me want to move! So here we go!  If any of my readers are joining me this year, please let me know how you are doing!  There’s nothing like a support group to keep you on track!


  1. I can relate i too bought the jane fonda dvd and its somewhere in the house lol! Slow start but restarted Monday and so far so good~! keep me posted, Linda

  2. Linda, I am doing better sticking to the diet. The 8 glasses of water is always hard for me and I need to work it in. The exercise, well I have the dvd still in the clear wrap. I think your comment was meant for me to take it out and start doing it today! That's for the little push! It's time to stop talkin' and start walkin'!