Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mitt Romney Jokes About Unemployment…

Ironically, last June, Mitt Romney joked about being unemployed himself, to a group of voters in Florida. Mitt has spent the last eight years running for president, so technically he would be correct. However, as a concerned citizen about the high rate of unemployment, and watching it affect my loved ones and friends, I do not find his comments funny. I find it even more offensive when I have come to learn, in recent days, that the man claims to make over 20 million ($20,000,000+) a year. AND, on top of that, pays the bear minimum of 14% in income tax! Imagine him trying to “relate” to the general public and “whine” about his misfortune, joking or not?

Poor Mitt has a family fortune of about a quarter of a billion dollars. I came across an article that said in 1998 he made 342 million from a company, Bain Capital in Florida, that was going bankrupt. I’m sure I could find many examples of why he shouldn’t be joking about unemployment. He will never be able to relate to the average American citizen, he has been rich all his life. Why should unemployment be a priority to him? I think he is just saying what people want to hear, but his true colors came out last June.

I am not listening to the politicians campaign. Maybe after the Republicans settle down and pick someone, I might pay more attention. However, I can’t help but be caught in some of the crossfire when I hear things on the news or some discussion at the family dinner table. When I hear Romney speak, I find him annoying. I can’t put my finger on it. I don’t think he takes the issues we face as a country seriously. He seems to have a cavalier attitude to me. I am not going to listen more closely to see if I change my opinion. I don’t care enough. However, I heard this morning that Newt Gingrich is gaining more support these days, but the polls keep fluctuating. No one is clearly ahead when it comes to these two. And this is the case even after Newt’s ex-wife put out some disturbing information about their marriage. So, I guess Romney isn’t irritating just me? Either way, I am not happy with either candidate.

I find politics exhausting. People are always debating the issues to death. We all basically want the same things. To live as our forefathers said, with certain inalienable rights of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” It’s just that simple. We have to fix the things that are interfering with these rights. No one seems very happy to me. This used be called the land of opportunity. It held promise and hope for all who came here. Now all we hear about are people in despair, who want to work and can’t find jobs; who are sick and don’t have health care; who want to pay their bills, but have no money for food. Something has gone terribly wrong and pointing fingers of blame is a waste of time and energy; it’s not productive. What would be nice is if democrats and republicans rolled up their sleeves, forgot about party lines and got to work. That’s only going to happen if we get rid of all the male politicians and elect females instead. Women know how to work together to accomplish a common goal without their egos getting in the way. They don’t care about getting the credit, they just want to come up with a solution. How about a little experiment? We make all the male politician stay home and let their wives take over for a while and see how things go?

I’ll bet Mitt Romney’s wife wouldn’t be joking about unemployment, she’d be working to fix it.

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