Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Brother The Clean Freak!

My brother Vin has his own three bedroom condo. Two bedrooms are in the finished basement portion and never get used. He lives alone. Every week he tells me about all the cleaning he has to do. He cleans during the week and on the weekend too. I wonder why? He lives alone, and whatever he uses always goes back to it’s original place. If you went there you wouldn’t know anyone lived there, it’s spotless. Frankly, I think the dust won’t even visit him any more because they know his reputation and they would have a very short life span.

One day we were visiting with some relatives from out of state. In the course of the visit, a tiny sliver of paper fell on the carpet. He hadn’t noticed it, so I decided to test him. I waited till he made contact with the tiny piece of paper and then timed how long he would be able to avoid picking it up off the floor before it killed him. It took 46 seconds. I busted out laughing. I knew if he saw it and didn’t get rid of it, it would eat him up inside.

He puts all the glasses and dishes in his dish washer every month. Even though they are never used and everything is still nice and clean. He has made it part of his routine and nothing I can say will convince him it’s overkill. 

Once I went into his bathroom to check on the over the door hooks I bought for him. There in the soap dish, under the soap, is some neatly folded up plastic wrap for the soap to sit on. The soap dish can’t even get dirty if it wanted to.  I ask him is this really necessary? He answers, yes it is. I know better than to argue or reason with him. I move on.

Vin has a couple of area rugs and a couple of throw rugs. The theme running through the condo is palm trees. He loves Key West. So I got him a couple of nice mats to place at the front door, where you have to take off your shoes upon entering. I bought two mats so he would have a replacement mat if the other one should manage to get dirty. Well the first mat never got dirty, but he wore it out by vacuuming it to death. It was a good thing I got him the spare. If that isn’t over cleaning I don’t know what is?

His dining room table has three covers over it. Yeah three. Let me explain. The first one is an inexpensive dollar store table cloth with a soft backing, to protect the table. The second one, that goes over that, is a very nice table cloth used for entertaining or show. The third one is a clear plastic table cloth so the nice one doesn’t get dirty at all, not even with dust. And on top of all that are individual place mats, bamboo and with green detailing to match the theme of the condo. 

He has a set routine for all his cleaning and laundry. If he has to skip a night because something comes up, he calls to tell me he has to postpone such and such to the next night. He recently came back from vacation and told me he had a lot of cleaning to do! I knew he cleaned everything before he left and asked why. He said there would be dust. Then he came over and said he really didn’t have to clean because there was no dust. As hard as he looked he couldn’t find any to clean. So he stopped by to visit me instead to tell me about it.  

There are probably a few dozen details I forgot to mention. If he ever finds and reads the blog maybe he can insert them in the comments. Maybe I should do a video of his condo and walk you through it?  We’ll see!


  1. Sounds like a simple case of OCD. It helps him feel in control of his environment and will likely never change! Glad he'll never visit my place!
    Erin ~ IN

  2. He visits me and has even offered to help me clean LOL, One day I am taking him up on it!