Friday, January 20, 2012

Newt Gingrich, Another Dud in Politics!

What is so hard about having morals, ethics and integrity and also being in politician? Politicians want us to trust them with our future, the country’s future, but they are not trustworthy people. They cheat on their wives, they take lewd photos of themselves and tweet them, they deny they are the fathers of children out of wedlock, they misuse government money, they are guilty of sexual harassment on the job, and they lie, lie, lie, lie. So who is the newest member of the Scum Bag Squad? Well the title gave it away, so yes, it’s Newt Gingrich. 

Newt’s former wife, or second wife, has been interviewed and revealed some interesting information that might impact voters and the upcoming primaries. Apparently, his ex-wife, Marianne says that Newt came to her, during their marriage, and told her he wanted a “open marriage.” He had already gone outside the marriage and had been having an affair with Callista Bisek, who eventually became his third wife. 

Here is part of the interview:

MARIANNE: I said to him, we've been married a long time. And he said, yes, but you want me all to yourself. Callista doesn't care what I do.
ROSS: What was he saying to you, do you think?
MARIANNE: He was asking to have an open marriage, and I refused.
ROSS: He wanted an open marriage.
MARIANNE: Yeah, that I accept the fact that he has somebody else in his life.
ROSS: And you said?
MARIANNE: No. No. That is not a marriage.

So, Newt just wanted her to accept the fact that he was having an ongoing affair and put up with it. His own personal interests came first. They came before his vows, moral values and commitment to his wife and family. And the irony is what happened after they had the above conversation. Newt, a man of ethics and principles, gave a speech on family values:

…the day after Newt Gingrich asked Marianne for a divorce, he gave a lecture to the Republican Women Leaders Forum titled, "The Demise of American Culture" in which he decried the way liberals "talk about values," suggesting that they would not prefer that "young people" to "learn that George Washington was...A man of standards, a man who earned the right to be father of this country?"

As Marianne Gingrich told the Post:

“How could he ask me for a divorce on Monday and within 48 hours give a speech on family values and talk about how people treat people?” she said.

If this is how these men conduct their personal lives, if this is their character, if they betray loved ones and their own flesh and blood, how can we expect them to care about what happens to us or our country? Someone whose character is based on ethics and truly has morals, principles and values, does not compromise them. But, people who lie, tend to do it often and without remorse. People who cheat will continue cheating and lie about it until they get caught. People who will tweet one lewd photo will probably tweet a series of them and then lie about it until they can no longer deny it. People who have committed an act of sexual harassment will more than likely continue that pattern of behavior until several women come and call them out on it. It’s who they are and they won‘t change if elected, in fact they may become worse. This behavior is their norm, not their exception. The fact that Newt had the gall and hypocrisy to lecture on family values when he doesn’t live them up to them himself is reprehensible. 

Anyone looking for a hypocrite who talks about family values, but doesn't live by them, for President? 

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