Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dress Your Age....

Cosmetic surgery and botox are the only things women are doing to “look” younger. Many of them also do not dress their age. Some brag that they share certain clothes with their daughters (who are sometimes teenagers). I even saw a commercial where the daughter is asking her mother if she has seen her new green shirt. The mother pauses, has a flashback memory to being out with her friends and wearing the missing shirt. She tells the daughter she hasn’t seen it and then promptly goes to the laundry to wash it and return it.

I don’t understand how so many people cannot see what I see when they look in the mirror. If looking look is so important to you, why wear things that make you look ridiculous? My daughters would never dream of shopping in the Misses Department, at least not yet. They would rather die than wear anything from my closet. I could not fit into anything from their closets! There is a difference in the style of “youthful” clothing and more “mature” garments. Most women should dress their age, it would certainly make them look more attractive. And, clothing is not going to make anyone look younger any more than a cheap toupee makes a bald man look like he has real hair.

Now there are exceptions to every rule, even this one. I have seen women who really take care of themselves. They exercise, eat right and have bodies to die for. They take such good care of themselves they can look years younger than they really are (even without surgery). In that case, more youthful clothing styles may actually look becoming on them. They can pull it off. If fact these women have it made because they can have the best of both clothing worlds. A woman who is in great physical shape can even pull off wearing a potato sack and look great! Unfortunately, this is not the category I am in (yet).

An older woman, who is out of shape and thinks she looks good by dressing younger is only fooling herself. She is actually getting the opposite reaction from the one she is hoping for. No one is going around saying how great or young she looks. People are probably rolling their eyes and commenting on how silly something looks on her. I think it only serves to emphasize how old she actually is. I would be embarrassed and humiliated if it was me and yet they walk around proud as peacocks.

The days of sundresses and halter tops are long gone for me. Even if I am in tip top condition and a size two, I know not to try to pull that look off. I just wish other women would use a little common sense and a full length mirror when they get dressed.

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