Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yesterday I discovered how out of shape I am. No, it wasn’t a secret, but still I was able to stay in denial a little bit about it. I was so proud of myself for walking on the treadmill at 3mph for 20 minutes too. But, then I tried the DVD exercises from the 17 Day Diet. That lasted about 2 or 3 minutes. I was using 3 pound weights, today my arms ache. I wouldn’t care if I had gone through the entire 17 minutes, but two to three minutes? I only lifted the damn things about a half dozen times. I will have to go back to the one pound weights, if I can handle that!

The problem is, every time I do something physical I hurt myself. My lower back is already a chronic pain, and I am working on that. But, if I carry groceries home from the store I shouldn’t get a case of tennis elbow from that, yet I did. And, if I sneeze I shouldn’t sprain my neck from that, but it happened (luckily it only lasted that day). And, if I lift a three pound weight, my upper arms should not be aching, especially if it was only six times.

I could get discouraged. The old me of 2010 would have thrown in the towel and gone back to sulking. But, this is the new me of 2011! If I have to condition my body before launching into a real exercise program, then that’s what I will do. I will do the warm up exercises two or three times until my body gets limber. I can do that for a few days while I add a second session on the tread mill as my second exercise. It took a long time for my body to deteriorate and I shouldn’t expect it to bounce right back without a little TLC.

I have pretty much adjusted to the diet so I can now focus on toning up. I always have my Richard Simmons “Sweating To The Oldies” to fall back on. Maybe I should take those out and use them to condition myself back to normal? It’s so exhausting getting old, but I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet. I’m going to keep trying, stay positive, and accomplish what I set out to do. By the time I see my doctor in May, I want her to see the new and improved version of me!

Today is my last day of Physical Therapy for my back. I will see if my back improves with regular exercise because the PT really didn’t help too much. If I need to go back I’ll wait until winter is over, because today we are expecting yet another blizzard. I’ve reach the end of my rope with snow too!

Maybe this is all a plot to make me move to a retirement home in Florida?


  1. LOL Nina! I know what you mean! In the last year and a half while I was working, I no longer had the time for my morning workouts. I always lifted weights, did aerobics, etc. in addition to riding the horses. I used to do The Firm every single morning! Well, almost 2 years of not working out like I used to sure as heck took it's toll. I am shocked when I try to something that was so easy before and find I don't have the strength like I used to. OR the day I took the dogs on a hike, found out I was puffing from the climb.
    You are on the right track, you have the right attitude. Don't get discouraged, and I agree, go back to only 1 pound weights or no weights at all. It takes a few weeks or longer to make it up to 3 pounds. we will fight this together!

  2. Thanks Sharon, we have our work cut out for us, but the good news is we have all year!