Monday, January 31, 2011

A Woman's Prerogative...

I know it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. And it comes in very handy for all sorts of reasons and situations. Anytime someone says “that’s not what you said before” we just answer, “I changed my mind, it’s my prerogative!” That’s all it takes, end of story. But women have a variety of other prerogatives we use that we don’t announce, but we all do.

One lesser spoken about, but very often used prerogative, is the “silent treatment.” When a woman is unhappy with something you have said or done, especially if it is her significant other, she will resort to using the silent treatment. This quiet tactic loudly proclaims her anger to the offender. In my case, if I must answer any questions at all, my response is the word “fine.” If you hear too many “fines” without any elaboration, it’s a good sign that things are not “fine.”

Another prerogative that many women use (not me), is to keep a man waiting while she is getting ready to go out. The process of hair and makeup and selecting the right outfit can take hours and cannot be rushed. Any man, with half a brain, will generally learn this early on in the relationship. An intelligent man will wait with patience and tell her she looks beautiful with a sincere look on his face when she is done!

Women are in charge of where objects in the house are placed. Therefore, if a man moves an object, it is the woman’s prerogative to put it back where it belongs, even if he only moved it two inches to the left. A man will never learn the rule “there is a place of everything and everything in it’s place.”

A woman can also express her discontent by “banging” things. If she is doing the dishes and the pots and pans sound extra loud, that is her way of sending a message that she is unhappy. If closet doors are being slammed in rapid succession, like gun shots, a man should run for cover until she has had time to cool down. Then the first words out of his mouth needs to be “I’m sorry for…” and he should be figuring out what he did wrong while he is in hiding. If he apologizes for the wrong thing, that will not go over big.

Women are entitled to go shopping when there is a sale in order to save money! Even if they don’t need anything at all or buy useless items on sale, they consider it saving money. This is a concept that a man never learns, but adapts to if he wants to live in peace.

It is a woman’s prerogative to motivate her man. This means she can verbally remind him of things he is supposed to be doing around the house over and over and over until they get done. Apparently men enjoy being motivated because most of them shirk their household responsibilities regularly which only encourages their women to go into motivation mode very often.

Someone really should write a book on this subject for all men to read. They are so clueless when it comes to women, they need all the help they can get!


  1. the “silent treatment.”

    I inherited that habit from my mom. Except it's not a "treatment". If I'm angry, I literally am unable to speak. This can last weeks. I have NO control over it. I hate it; it's a miserable way to feel.

    "If he apologizes for the wrong thing, that will not go over big."


  2. My mom was an expert at the silent treatment. I am not so good at it, I need to rant and rave and get it off my chest a few times!