Wednesday, February 23, 2011

American Idol Season Ten!

I have watched American Idol for the past ten years and I love this show. I enjoy watching different singers take songs I’ve heard before and make them sound brand new. I think what I appreciate most is that talented people across America get a real chance to live their dreams by competing on the show. Many have been discovered through the process and gone on to have great music careers, not just the winners. I never realized there was so many talented singers out there.

This season seems very promising to me. There are so many very talented singers I don’t know how they are going to narrow it down to the top 24, then the top 12 and come out with one winner. Once I get to the top 12 I feel terrible every time someone gets voted off. It looks to be an exciting season.
Of course anyone who knows me knows that Carrie Underwood is my favorite winner from season 4. She is not only a phenomenal singer, but she is a great role model as a human being. In fact, most of the singers to come away from that show seems to be the nicest people. You can’t help but want them all to win.

This season we have lost Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul and have two new judges, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. I thought Simon’s absence would jeopardize the show. Instead I find there is a lot less bickering and joking around between the judges and more attention is focused on giving constructive criticism to the contestants. I have to say that I am enjoying the new judges so much that I don’t even miss Simon. I hope this professional behavior on the part of the judges continues throughout this season.

If you haven’t been watching, it’s not too late to jump on board. They will be selecting the top 24 and the live shows will begin soon. If the singers perform as well as they have in the auditions you will be seeing some amazing performers, some of whom are only 15 and 16 years old!

Who will be this year’s American Idol? It’s going to be a tough call.  I don’t envy the job of the judges.

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