Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday Trivia...

A long standing American tradition whose popularity has spread around the world. I’m taking a break from complaining to bring you some interesting Super Bowl trivia that you can use later, if you are having a party, to entertain your guests during commercials. Did you know…

Who will be watching?

151.6 million people
194 million blades of grass in the field
232 countries will be broadcasting it in
34 languages
1 language does not translate the word football into soccer

How much FOOD will be consumed?

  8 million pounds of pop corn
28 million pounds of potato chips
53.5 million pounds of avacados
293,000 number of miles of potato chips, laid end to end
1 billion chicken wings consumed
325.5 million gallons of beer consumed

How much money moves around for the game?

$5.6 billion dollars spent on Super Bowl items
$400 million added to the economy
$2.8 million spent on a 30 second television ad
2.9 million HD televisions bought for the game

What about Super Bowl Parties?

41 days in advance plans for parties are made
20 million Americans will attend parties
17 average number of people per party
40% of viewers are not fans
25% of women watch the game and enjoy it
10 million hours are spent preparing food

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