Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How Do Women Irritate Men?

I know women aren’t innocent in the battle of the sexes, so there has to be a few ways we get under a man’s skin from time to time. However, I needed a little help finding out what were men’s biggest complaints. After a little research this is what I learned.

Men don’t like it when women go to great lengths to be sweet during dating and then change after they have the guy hooked. For example, they notice that while dating a woman goes through a lot of trouble to wear sexy lingerie to bed, but afterwards comes to bed with curlers and cream on her face. While dating she talks sweet, smiles and bats her eyes, after she frowns, yells, and gains weight.

Women are too clingy and mistrust men. They don’t give them enough space. Some are even jealous and possessive.

Women have unrealistic expectations and want too much. They want the house, two cars, credit cards, kids…more things than a man can afford.

Women expect men to be mind readers. They try to communicate with facial expression, gestures or body language. A man has all to do to understand a direct verbal message, let alone subtle nonverbal signals. This often results in arguments. A man will ask, “What’s the problem?” and a woman will answer, “You know what the problem is!” when in truth he really doesn’t.

Men aren’t intimidated by women who make more money or drive expensive cars. What they resent is the way the women flaunt their success in order to be superior in the relationship. It turns the relationship into a power struggle.

Women call men several times a day to discuss trivial things. They do not like to be interrupted at work for pointless conversations.

Over analyzing what a man says is something some women do. It really isn’t necessary because when a man says something he literally means what he says. This may be due to the fact that women often say one thing and mean another, so they expect men to do the same thing. For example, a woman will say, “No, I’m not mad.” when she really means “I am pissed at you and it’s payback time.”

Men do not like it that women use “PMS” to excuse their bad behavior. They feel women exaggerate and exploit it to get men to do what they want.

Men think women talk too much whereas women think men do not communicate enough. As I explained in yesterday’s blog, women use a lot more words per day than a man (7,500 vs. 2,500) so they can never keep up with us. The best way to communicate with a man is to keep it short and simple if you want to keep his attention and be heard.

Of the biggest things men hate is when women want to go shopping with them. Men and women have different shopping styles. Man is a hunter therefore he knows what he is there to buy and targets it, buys it and goes home. Women like to “graze” and look at everything in the store. Men get tired and bored with the whole experience. They get frustrated when a women tries on 25 items and asks them how they look, when they really do not care what the man has to say.

Well, as far as I can see, they have some valid points. Unfortunately, men and women are wired differently so neither of us is going to change any time soon. But learning about how each sex communicates and behaves can teach us tolerance and understanding and we can make some compromises and adjustments so as not to get on each others nerves so much.

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  1. " As I explained in yesterday’s blog, women use a lot more words per day than a man (7,500 vs. 2,500) so they can never keep up with us."

    Men believe communication is enhanced by precision in word choice and thrift in word usage. More words usually results in less communication. When a male is tuning out, this is a clue that one's patter is meaningless.