Wednesday, February 16, 2011

STOP, THINK, What Are You Doing For Yourself Today?

There are 365 days in the year that many of us spend thinking of other people, putting their needs ahead of our own, and forgetting about ourselves. We just got through a series of holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. Did anyone put as much thought and consideration into pleasing you as you put into pleasing each and every person on your list? If so, then you are one of the lucky few.

So today I am asking everyone to think of something you longed to do, would love to do, just for you and you alone. Whatever it is: a trip to the mall, a manicure, a massage, a day at a spa, a new outfit, lunch with a friend or anything else, make an appointment now. If you wait the idea will fly out of your mind on to thoughts of what to make for dinner, getting that laundry done or an errand you just have to run. If you make the appointment the more likely you will stick to it and you will have something to look forward to.

Men get burnt out at work, the kids get burnt out at school, but wives and mothers get burnt out everywhere we go. There is no sanctuary for us, no peaceful safe haven. The rest of the family has “home.” That’s where they relax, play, eat, sleep, recharge their energy. “Home” is where we work and use up the better part of our energy. They look around and see the big screen tv, the video games, the inviting couch, the cupboards loaded with snacks. We look around and see all the things that need to be done, the piles of laundry, the dishes in the sink, the dust on the furniture, the spots on the kitchen floor.

We have to treat ourselves to something because it’s not likely anyone is going to think about it for us. No one is there to anticipate our needs like we are for them. And all our thoughtfulness is pretty much expected and taken for granted.

Today I am going to contact a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a long while and see if she wants to have lunch this Friday. The weather has really delayed our getting together, but now the sun is out and I am dying to get out of this house and catch up on things with my friend.

What are you going to do for you? Don’t put it off another minute. I can’t keep sending out reminders.


  1. This weekend I think I'll get a face waxing and a hair cut. I've wanted for months now to get my nails done, but that will wait. I've neglected my hair for two years now. Great idea! And enjoy the lunch! You DESERVE it!!!!!

  2. Thanks Kennedy's Mom! I'm glad you are treating yourself and be sure to do it on a regular basis. It's important.