Monday, February 21, 2011

Verizon Strikes Again….

I started my first blog with a complaint about Verizon and here we are 5 months later with the same complaint. Blogs are good for keeping track of things. I had forgotten exactly when I had my issue with them. I have had ongoing problems with my phone over the past two and a half years. It’s very frustrating. Today I called the repair department and unleashed my frustration!

First thing this morning there is extreme static on the line and then no dial tone. Why? Because they “fixed” our cable lines when they moved the lines to a new box and pole outside my house. When they were there a few month ago they worked on the lines and then covered them with a black plastic bag. I thought the was a temporary “fix” and they would come back later to finish the job. I knew they were backed up because of the hurricane/tornado that hit our area at the time. When November came, the plastic bag started shredding so I called Verizon to complain. My concern, and I was clear, was that once the plastic bag was destroyed by the weather I would lose telephone and DSL service. So I wanted someone to “fix” the lines before me and many others lost our service. They promised to come and they don’t. I must have called 5 or 6 times in November and December. I told them to note it in my file because when I lose service I want it recorded that I made several calls. They assured me they did.

Well, after 9 or 10 snow storms I lost my phone and DSL services. I call Verizon and after going through their long automated system, I get repair. I explain it all to the customer service rep and he says he can make an appointment for Thursday. I demand to speak to the foreman,. He says he can’t do that. I tell him fine, give me your name and I am going to go over your foreman’s head and call an executive of the company. He tells me to go ahead.

Little does he know I have been in touch with several people over the last two and a half years. I start with a repairman who gave me his number for all my future problems. I explain it all to him again. He says he will be out in the morning to fix it. We’ll see about that. I have had so much trouble, been stood up for appointments and blown off that I am not sure they will show up. Meanwhile, they make me wait because they didn’t fix it right to begin with and then didn’t take my concerns seriously!

So I have come full circle from my first blog. And I have noticed that it is not only the phone company, but all things that we have to take care of. They never get done! We scratch something off the list of things to do and before you know it it’s back on the list. It’s so exhausting!

But I don’t give up so easy and if they give me the run around I ask for a month or two of credit for my aggravation. And I get it.

I can’t even switch companies to let’s say Time Warner Cable, because I hate them too!


  1. I woke up this morning with a dial tone! I don't even want to speculate on why or how that happened. But something smells like dead fish to me!

  2. Documenting this: March 6th NO DIAL TONE, called the supervisor. he informs me there is a cable problem with several customers out of service that they are working on. It is March 7th in the morning and I am fit to be tied. No phone and no DSL! AGAIN!

  3. March 10th, still no dial tone or DSL. 4 Days.

  4. March 16th calling supervisor. There is a dial tone but phone rings once and stops.

  5. March 16 Robert Connolly says he will get me courtesy credit for all the time I have been without service and will send someone in the morning to make them give me service while they continue working to replace the cable (which should have been done years ago!) still on pins and needles, this is my 11th day without phone and DSL!