Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family Days...

Today we are having a “family day.” I have two twenty-something daughters and they enjoy a day at the mall and lunch afterwards. I kind of enjoy it myself, not too sure about my husband, but he is a saint and just wants to make us happy. He carries our bags while we shop. It’s hard to find things to do when the kids get older and even harder to find a day when everyone is free. Two weeks ago we went to see a movie together, “The King’s Speech.” It cost us fifty dollars for four tickets and I didn’t even ask my husband how much the popcorn was. But, we rarely go to the movies because we all have very different tastes in films.

When the girls were little is was so much easier to plan things to do. We did seasonal things like pumpkin and apple picking in the fall, going to see the tree at Rockefeller Center at Christmas and the neighborhood houses that were decorated beyond your imagination with lights and holiday displays. We took the girls to farms, zoos, aquariums, planetariums, museums, amusement parks, the beach, a Renaissance fair…all of which they have long since forgotten. Luckily I have pictures to prove we were there.

But, as they got older and into their teenage years, these little outings were now “lame.” And, it became harder and harder to find things that would interest them that we could all do together. However, they never get tired of going to the mall or to the outlets. Shopping seems to always interest them. So, today we will head out to the mall, thirty minutes away, spend about four hours shopping then find a nearby restaurant and eat.

Have a happy Saturday everyone!

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