Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine’s Weekend Is Upon Us…

My husband and I never made too much out of Valentine’s Day. Maybe exchange cards and some chocolate and go out to dinner. One year we had the bright idea of doing dinner and a movie, but the movie was sold out. We ended up renting something and going home to watch it. That wasn’t so bad.

I don’t like going out for the sake of going out just because it’s Valentine’s Day. The restaurants are more crowded, the food more expensive and often not as well prepared because they are cooking for larger than normal crowds. You have to make sure to make reservations and not just pop in and get turned away. And besides that, it’s cold out this time of year. It doesn’t inspire me to get all dressed up to go out and freeze.

The commercialism bothers me too. The cost of chocolates are all ridiculous. It makes it hard for me to enjoy a box of chocolate when I know that tomorrow it will be half price. I also don’t appreciate paying twice the amount per pound because it’s packed in a heart shaped box rather than a rectangular one. I guess I want value for my money. I have thrown away dozens of heart shaped boxes over the years, all of which had only a fraction of the chocolate that the other boxes can hold. And right now, on this diet, chocolates are out!

Flowers are outrageously priced too! I don’t need expensive flowers on Valentine’s Day when, as my mother used to say, they are only going to die. Sure they look nice for a day or two, but then they start losing their beauty and fall apart…much the way I feel I am doing. The flowers remind me I have blossomed long ago and every day since, what beauty I did have is rapidly fading. Who needs those kind of reminders?

I have a better use for the money that would have been spent on candy, bouquets, movies and dinner. I’d love an overnight getaway when the weather is nicer. A little bed and breakfast in a rural area where I can hear crickets instead of car alarms. Take long walks and smell the flowers. That is what sounds wonderful to me.

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