Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty!

It’s true I have not followed this case as closely as the jurors have, so I don’t know what they were thinking when they found her unanimously not guilty yesterday. But, I can tell you what most people out side that courtroom were thinking…”there was no justice for Caylee Anthony yesterday.” The justice system failed her, those 12 jurors failed her, and now her mother/murder will probably get out of jail tomorrow, a free woman. Yes, free for time served because she has been in jail for the last three years and the four counts of lying to the police, that she was convicted of, only carry one year each.

This is what I know about the case, and it isn’t much, but it was enough to make me conclude she was the only one responsible for that baby’s death. According to George Anthony, Casey came over and picked up Caylee on June 16th and was never seen again. She was the last person seen with Caylee. Casey says that she brought Caylee to a babysitter, Zanny, and then it is later admitted by the defense, that there was no babysitter. So, where was Caylee? If she wasn’t with a fictitious babysitter, who was she with, if anyone? The reason why Casey hadn’t called authorities, is because Caylee was with Zanny and she was doing her own investigation. But there was no Zanny. So Casey must have known exactly where Caylee was and she wasn’t doing any investigating. Her baby was gone and she was partying and getting a “Bella Vita” tattoo. That was the extent of her concern. She lied to her family about Zanny, she lied to police about Zanny.

Now as for her car, the one whose trunk smelled like a dead body had been in it, it was HER car. If the dead body smell did not come from Caylee, whose body would have been in there? Caylee was gone, we learned later she was dead, the trunk of Casey’s car had a dead body odor…let’s connect the dots! Several people mentioned the odor, not just one who could have been mistaken. Even George Anthony, a retired police officer, informed authorities that his daughter’s trunk smelled like a dead body had been in it. And then there were the K-9 police dogs trained to detect the odor of decomposing bodies, that also reacted to the scent in the trunk of the car. Who would have placed a dead body in Casey’s trunk?

There were the chloroform searches that Cindy lied about doing because she wasn’t even at home the time the searches were done on the computer. Who was home searching for chloroform? Why does anyone who is a lay person search for chloroform 84 times on a computer? Why were high levels of chloroform found in the trunk of Casey’s car? And even Cindy could not explain the searches for neck breaking. Who searches for neck breaking?

The duct tape, baby blanket and laundry bag that were found with Caylee came from the Anthony home. We know Cindy was the one to finally get law enforcement involved when she was not getting answers from Casey about Caylee. We know George and Lee were cooperating with authorities in the investigation. And I know Casey was lying to authorities and sending them on the Zanny wild goose chase. She was convicted of lying. The jury believes she was lying. Why does anyone lie? To hide something, to protect themselves, to focus suspicion on others? If she wanted her baby found, if she wasn’t the one who killed her, why not cooperate and do everything you can to assist police?

There is only one answer in my mind to answer all these questions. Casey Anthony killed her baby, Caylee. Nothing else makes any sense. It all adds up to just about everyone, except those 12 jurors. They didn’t even deliberate. They didn’t even give Caylee’s voice, speaking from her swampy grave, any consideration. All the evidence points to one person and one person alone. How were they able to ignore all the evidence and find her innocent?

I wasn’t going to blog about this today, but I needed to vent my frustration. When babies are killed by their own parents, it’s an uphill battle trying to get a conviction. This was the greatest miscarriage of justice since the OJ Simpson case. I will never forget it or the beautiful angelic face of Caylee Anthony, may she rest in peace.

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