Sunday, July 3, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial Wraps up…

Closing arguments are going on right now down in Orlando, Florida. Hard to predict what the jury will decide, they don’t know every thing we know. I don’t know everything they know. I only watched the trial on and off to keep my blood pressure at a normal level. But here are some of the things I know:

The defense did a lousy job. They did not deliver what they promised. There was no evidence to support any of their theories. The judge said they could NOT use the molestation theory claiming Casey was molested by her father, George, or brother, Lee. There was no evidence presented that that ever happened. The defense said Casey drowned in the family pool. There was no evidence of that. There was no nanny Zanny. There was no concern for her missing daughter for 31 days while Casey went partying. There were nothing but lies coming out of Casey’s mouth. Cindy, her mother, lied. She lied about searching for chloroform, about not being at work when the searches were done, she lied about the pool ladder being down. She is obviously trying to cover up for her daughter.

I know that Casey is a thief, she was stealing money from her grandfather’s account, who was in a nursing home. Her aunt told this to Nancy Grace and also said that Cindy planned to have Casey arrested for theft. It’s been an ongoing problem.

It’s a shame that there is not more conclusive evidence and that much of it was destroyed while Caylee’s remains deteriorated in the woods all those months. I would have been happier had this been a slam dunk case and less of a circumstantial case. Nevertheless, I am convinced of Casey’s guilt. All her words and actions incriminate her. She was the one last seen with her daughter leaving the Casey home. By that evening she no longer had Catylee, the phantom “babysitter” did. Why pay a babysitter when your parents have been watching this baby all along?

I hope the jury sees through all the lies and brings back justice for this sweet, innocent baby. Then I hope the prosecution goes after Cindy and anyone else who has lied on the witness stand to thwart justice for Caylee. This whole case is sickening, I’ll be glad when it’s over and hopefully the outcome will be fair and just.

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