Monday, July 25, 2011

Real Housewives Of New York Finale, Ugh!

When Kelly accused Alex of overacting in Morocco and told her to go out and come in again because this is a reality show, she was on the money. As it turns out, I could have told all the women to do that in the finale.   I can't stomach to watch the show all season, but I did invest a little time an a few episodes so I may as well blog my peeves.  I decided that they should each get their own award for their finale performance. 

The “Beating A Dead Horse” Award goes to Sonja for going on and on and on to Cindy about her talking on the phone when she invited her over to her house. Cindy was very busy and happened to schedule a conference call at the time she was supposed to be at Sonja's.  Sonja told her off in that episode, but apparently wasn't done beating that horse to death, so she picked up where she left off.  I was so glad Cindy finally got up and walked out on her.

The “Clueless” Award goes to Ramona for thinking she was pregnant at 54! If she only had taken the damn pregnancy test at home and not waited to take it on the boat at Luann’s anniversary party, we could have cut out 20 minutes of pointless drama. Jill nailed it when she said, hey, when you missed your period at 54, it’s not because of pregnancy, it’s MENOPAUSE. Duh! 

The “Midlife Crisis” Award goes to Luann for various reasons. First of all she is dating a French man several years younger than she is. She arranges this party boat to celebrate their one year together. Her son looked embarrassed to me, I felt bad for him. Thank God she ran into Natalie Cole who offered to sing with her at the party, because she picked an appropriate song. Luann is also trying to make a music video out of her “song” “Chic, C’est La Vie” which is just a sign of desperation. Act your age Luann! By the way, her boyfriend resembles “Ross” from Friends!  What do you think?

The “Hypocrite” Award goes to Jill!   After trying to talk Sonja into going to or being in Luann’s video to support her…guess what?   She fell a little short herself in the support department.  Jill was short on patience and was pacing and getting tired of being there. Apparently she had no idea how long it takes to make a video. Next time maybe she won’t show up either? 

The “Ugly Duckling Who Never Turned Into A Swan” Award goes to Alex. Alex gets a photo shoot and for some insane reason, they decide to tape her while she is getting ready, without makeup. This was brutal. She has the acne of a 15 year old. I don’t know how the makeup covers it up. It must be applied very thick. And let’s not forget her teeth, what’s up with that?   Invisiline anyone?   My daughters happily inform me that she is/was a model...just because it delights them to see my disgusted expressions.  This is unbelievable!

Kelly and Cindy really did not play a big part in the finale and that makes them the real winners of the night!  The others were so obnoxious that these two get a free pass.  On to tonight's reunion show, 90 minutes of pure hell...will I watch it?  Who knows?

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