Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Casey Anthony Wanted…For Interviews!

Only in this country can you kill your two year old baby, lie about it, send the police on a wild goose chase and get 12 jurors to let you off scott free so you can go on media interviews and become wealthy off your crime. Yep! The major networks are all competing for the first interview with Casey Anthony and I hope it backfires. Of course, Casey will still walk away with a big fat check that she can spend partying while her daughter looks down from heaven.

The New York Post is reporting that the major networks are wining and dining Jose Baez, who is possibly brokering a deal for Casey. Baez had stated that Casey would not be making personal appearances for at least six months, but the greedy lawyer and client may have rethought that decision. While Baez denies he is negotiating deals, Matt Lauer was seen with Baez and NBC confirms reports that they are seeking an interview. However, NBC says there would be no payment made nor job offers, it’s strictly for news purposes. And I would like to know what more “news” do they plan to get out of that psychopathic liar? The case was covered by the media. Who cares what she says or what she thinks? We know the details that were provided in court and we know she didn’t provide them What newsworthiness can she possibly have at this point?

The networks claim they are not bidding for an interview, yet ABC already paid her $200,000 to license videos and photos in 2010. I think this is appalling. They make a celebrity out of a baby murderer! And I’m sure there is more to come. Greed has a way of eroding people’s and companies ethics and morals. They will rationalize that it’s “news” but what they want are ratings and big $$$ from advertisers. Where do we draw the line? I am so disgusted at this point. And, I still find fault with the jurors. Had they taken their time to review key facts and evidence and reached their conclusion, I may have accepted it. But, they didn’t bother to review anything. They find her not guilty and then we learn that they were having second thoughts. Too late! Not one of those 12 people fought for Caylee or thought enough of her to go over anything. They deliberated a couple of hours, recessed, came back the next morning “dressed” to deliver the verdict.

Now instead of facing life in prison, Casey is facing a life of luxury, depending on how much money she and her attorney can wrangle out of media. God Bless America!

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