Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casey Anthony Out Of Jail

I debated on whether or not to blog about this. I am so sick of Casey Anthony, the thought of her turns my stomach. But then I think of that poor innocent baby, betrayed by the one person who was supposed to protect her from any and all harm, and I feel compelled to say something. Her own grandmother, who claimed to love the baby and was “worried sick” about her missing, ends up lying on the witness stand to protect her own daughter, the murderer. Everyone knows she is guilty and get today she gets to walk out of jail scott free. Time served for lying to authorities.

I already stated why I thought she was guilty in a previous blog, so I won’t rehash that again. What I want to do now is complain about the jury. The 12 people who came out of there without discussing the evidence. Who came to a swift verdict that there wasn’t enough there to convict her and yet those who have spoken have said they thought she was guilty. They cried because they thought she was guilty. That sounds like guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to me. What if they had found her guilty? The defense had recourse to appeal the verdict on many grounds. If it turns out that the state did not produce enough evidence, then she would have gotten a new trial, right? And if they had any qualms about the death penalty, they didn’t have to sentence her to death. A life sentence without the possibility of parole would have been nice.

Their guilty verdict could have been overturned, but their not guilty verdict means that even if Casey Anthony writes a tell-all-book about how and why she killed that baby, she can never be tried again for her murder. The prosecution built a logical case based on the evidence and served it up on a silver platter for them. All they had to do was discuss it. Now they may be having second thoughts as Casey Anthony walks among us. Maybe she will have another child and discover that one is an annoyance too. Who knows what thoughts runs through her cold blooded heart.

Any mother I know would have sat in that courtroom crying over the loss of her baby. I didn’t see her shed any tears for Caylee, only for herself. Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? In my mind it was proven and I don’t understand how, out of 12 people, there wasn’t one who wanted to fight for Caylee and justice.

At 12:09 am she walked out of prison, escorted by Jose Baez. She is supposedly going to a n unknown location and going to have plastic surgery to disguise herself. But, is this really the last we will hear of her? I doubt it.

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