Friday, July 1, 2011

Lindsay Lohan And Others, Back In The News…

All set to party again!

Yes that’s right, she was released from house arrest and immediately went back to “celebrating.” She was seen joining a group of her friends at the Lexington Social House at 11 PM. Reports claim she was drinking nonalcoholic beverages during the affair, before leaving at 2 AM. I, for one, would love to believe that, I really would. Why she would place herself in a position where she would surely be tempted is beyond me.

Lindsay Lohan still has to complete her community service portion of her punishment, which involves working at a homeless shelter and a morgue. Let’s hope something sinks in this time around so I can devote my time and energy to other needy causes. But, be prepared anyway, she turns 25 tomorrow!

In other news, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, star of The Tudors (which I loved) was rushed to the hospital when it was suspected he attempted suicide. Meyers has had a long battle with alcohol addiction and may have also taken pills. It’s a shame that so many celebrities have problems with addiction and, although they have the financial means to get help, they are so often in denial and even when they get help, they relapse the moment they are released. Meyers is a talented and gifted actor in his early 30’s and probably needs to resolve some issues in therapy along with rehabilitation for his addiction.

And how can I leave out Charlie Sheen? The man who provided the world with an ongoing spectacle of what being on drugs can do to a person. Videos of Sheen should be shown in high schools throughout the country as a campaign against drug use. In any event, and not much of a shocker, Charlie has recently admitted to using illegal drugs…oh, but wait, they aren’t they drugs you are expecting to read about. He admits to using steroids for six to eight weeks during the filming of his 1989 movie, Major League. I don’t even remember that being a movie, but if Charlie says so I guess it’s true. I guess he figures if major league players can get away with steroid use why not him? But, I’m pretty sure the steroids worse off by now so what else has he been taking to make him act so bizarre? I don’t think he is ready to admit that. Unfortunately the man is seriously ill and possibly psychotic and it amazes me that nothing can be done to help him.

Of course, I think it has long been an issue that as long as celebrities use and glamorize drugs, it makes the campaign against drugs in this country that much harder. Add to that the fact that they simply get a slap on the wrist and can go back to partying, without skipping a heartbeat, trivializes the seriousness of the issue. I don’t think we should come down harder on celebrities for their drug use, but for pete’s sake, at least treat them like everyone else who abuses substances and drives under the influence. It’s not just their lives they are putting in jeopardy at that point. And how many times must your ass be hauled off to court before a judge decides you need to do some real time like everyone else? They make a mockery of the judicial system, which apparently has a double standard for celebrities and the rest of us.

I just wish they would all get help and stay out of the news for a while so can I focus on other things. They are just impossible to ignore

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