Thursday, June 30, 2011

JLo aka Jennifer Lopez Leaving American Idol?

Word is out that Jennifer Lopez may want to leave American Idol after only one year in the judge’s seat. Makes me wonder why? Some rumors are circulating that it is just a ruse so that they will offer her more money, like she needs more money? Others speculate that she thought she was going to be the “star” judge now that Simon was gone, but it turns out that Steven Tyler stole the “star” spot with fans of the show. Tyler has already resigned for season 11.

Jennifer earned about 12 million for her one year with Idol, while Simon was earning 35 million a season when he left.

I agree with the third round of rumors. Jennifer’s career had hit a slump. She had been pretty much out of the public eye for a while, maybe taking care of her twins. I think she signed on to American Idol to boost her career and make a mini “comeback.” Her performance of “On The Floor” on Idol helped to make her song a hit, the first she has had in a long time. But, suddenly, Jennifer has a lot of things “happening” and she may not have time for Idol any more. She basically used the show for her own purposes and now wants to move on.

I’m not sure if I blame her or not. I am a little irritated because I liked her as a judge. I think she was sensitive to the contestants, but delivered constructive criticism when they needed to hear it. If she was just using the show to help her career get back on track, only she knows. And, this comes after Ellen resigned after being a judge for one year too.

However, all hope is not lost. Idol has two other very interested women in mind for the opening in the judges table should Jennifer walk out…Shania and Shakira! I would not mind seeing either of these women as judges, however I am partial to Shania, always have been a fan of hers.

It’s amazing the show has lasted all these years. Many people are getting tired of it and it’s lost it’s magic, but not me. I love seeing talented new singers striving for their dream to break into the music business and getting that opportunity through the show. Many talented and gifted artists may have never been discovered if not for American idol. A lot of the finalists and winners have gone on to not only great careers, but they have also given back to their communities and other charitable and worthy causes. They are good people. I would miss the show if it were to end because many good things have come out of it.

So, do we say good-bye to Jlo? I hope not, but time will tell.

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