Friday, June 10, 2011

Palin’s Emails To Be Released

CNN is reporting today that Alaska is planning to release Palin’s private and official emails which she was governor of Alaska. They estimate that 24,000 pages will be handed over to CNN and other news organizations. is going to make them available to the public over the weekend. The news organizations requested this information under the Freedom of Information Act. Certain emails, about 2,300 pages, will not be release due to legalities. The emails sent to CNN fill up six boxes. Palin does not seem to be concerned.

If I were Palin I would be concerned. If she wrote these emails assuming that no one but the recipient would be reading them, who knows what could be in them. We could speculate or just wait till tomorrow and read them for ourselves. I’m sure that the media personnel will be combing through them piece by piece today and posting the very best of Palin’s correspondence online as soon as they can, trying to beat out each other on the scoop. I’ll be looking for them, yep, you betcha. I am always eager to hear what fascinating things Sarah has to say when she isn‘t rewriting American history.

Sarah has already prepared an “ass covering” remark. The emails will be “taken out of context,” and therefore I am guessing they will not be interpreted correctly. Well, in or out of context, I have a hard time understanding anything that Sarah Palin has to say until Tina Fey repeats it on Saturday Night Live. I just don’t know how Tina is going to be able to handle the volume of comments and quotes from these emails? She will be bombarded. The SNL writers can now take a long, overdue vacation. Maybe we need to start interviewing for more Sarah Palin look-a-likes to deliver her lines?

Here is an interesting quote that I wholeheartedly agree with: “The Alaska Dispatch political columnist, Amanda Coyne, says all the attention is "for what I'm betting won't be much."

If it is coming from Sarah Palin, all it can be worth is a few hearty laughs, an endless pile of jokes, and some serious head shaking and eye rolling. I would be happy to read a few coherent sentences. After all, she is a journalism major, communications should be her strength, but it seems her greatest weakness. How she got this far is what is amazing to me. I still don’t believe it.

I guess there will be more to blog once the emails are published. For now I found this video on a few “gotcha moments” that Anderson Cooper’s team put together. Have a look and then prepare yourself for a few more of these to come.

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